Thursday, March 5, 2009

Parting is such sweet sorrow....

You all won't be hearing from me until probably Sunday. Because I'm about to head off in my Honda, with my dog in tow, to Atlanta for the Britney Spears concert!

I'll miss catching up on everyone's blogs, so try not to write too much OK!? ;-)

This morning I had my own version of a breakfast sandwich! I don't know what it is about taking trips in the morning, but I always love to swing by Bruegger's or Burger King for a breakfast sandwich. Mine is egg whites and one egg between two toasted Arnold's sandwich thins, sliced up turkey sausage and mustard. HA! And yes, the extra eggs on the side have mustard on them as well. Better than sugary ketchup I guess! This should hold me over for a few hours.
No worries about my diet. My owl bag from Forever 21 is full of healthy snacks and food that will be :good enough" for a road trip. I promised myself I would NOT stop at any fast food place, but if I do, it's only grilled sandwiches. Wish me luck with that. I do know Friday will be a SUSHI night! My favorite. And who can pass up wine if you're having sushi?

Much love. I'll tell Brit Brit you said hello.

P.S. Sephora is having sale. %15 percent off anything. The coupon code is J89LM. Let me know if you buy anything! :)


new reader here, and I have to say something:
I'm doing weight watchers, so I'm absolutely obsessed with finding healthy foods that taste good. I have REALLY loved reading your blog and finding healthier options that are still yummy. I just bought the Arnolds sandwich thins and I love them! thanks, and have a blast at Britney!

yay!! Have a safe trip - heart that Brady is coming with you! (where else would he be, right?!) DEF tell brit brit I say hi - she'd be so disappointed if you didn't!!! You're going to have SO MUCH FUN - I hear the circus has been amazing.

Anonymous said...

have girlie:) Partay it up for me!!!

Oh how fun!! Hope you have a SUPER FAB time!!

And way to go on packing the healthy snacks!!

have so much fun!! can't wait to hear all about it.

Robyn said...

I heard Brit is back in shape. Would love to see her. Have fun! Take some pics for us :)

Erin said...

Have fun at the Britney concert! Take pics!!!!

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