Sunday, March 8, 2009

*Que music* Oh, baby was I supposed to know?

*sigh* It's over.

The concert has come and gone and I'm sad. I'd give anything to see Britney's show once more. I've even gone so far as to look up airfare and tickets on ebay to determine if it's a possibility. I'm not ruling ANYTHING out as of now ;-)

Her show was amazing. I caught myself grinning ear to ear during the concert, just being so proud of this woman. This woman I grew up with. Sounds corny, I know. What I found to be most interesting is that the demographics of the show weren't teeny-boppers...they were women MY age. because we are the ones who were first introduced to that sweet and innocent mousketeer and pigtailed clad schoolgirl. We watched her grow up.

Without further ado, I present my pictures and a few videos from the show in Atlanta, GA. :-)

A few of you Bachelor fans may recognize this lady! From Newman, GA, Deanna Pappas! I spotted her with her sister in the line for food at the concert! Can you say starstruck?? And she is MUCH thinner in person. I am now a FIRM believer that the camera adds 10 pounds.

Brady absolutely exhausted from the 4 hour car ride to Atlanta. Poor baby.

Aww yeah! PCD opening for Brit Brit!

Had to take a self portrait, naturally!

(NOW, the good stuff!)

Here she is! "Ooh Ooh baby" number.

I kept getting her butt cheeks! She moved too fast!

I thought this looked awesome!
She had some of the MOST AWESOME dancers this time around. Who's the next K-Fed? LOL!
Dancing to "Piece of Me" in her cage!
"Breathe On Me", flying in a frame above the stage

"Do Somethin'" dance number!! I got a good pic finally!!
Bollywood mix of "Me Against The Music"
Nice face, Brit! "Oooh Ooh Baby"

You can view the rest of my photos on my Facebook page here: Britney Spears Concert and Britney Spears concert #2

I'm pretty sure you don't have to be my friend or have an account to view them, but let me know!

I have tons of videos to upload on YouTube, so I'll be sure to send you links when I'm done! Hope I didn't bore you too much! It was a fantastic time, and a much needed break from the real world. Britney looked great. Her dancing skills aren't quite as intense as a few years ago, but I'm just happy to see her moving around, and not hanging out in gas station bathrooms! LOL

Warm weather has hit Alabama, finally! Come on Spring :-)

P.S. I think I'm getting sick :(


love the pics! :) & i cant wait for spring time here either!

I would have loved to have seen Britt's concert!! She came so close to-New Orleans!! Looks like you had awesome seats too!! I am off to look at your FB picts(invited you to be my friend)

Ashley said...

GREAT pictures! I wanted to go when she came to town but her show is sold out of course! I'm so jealous!

Angela said...

omg I am SOOO jealous!! i want to go so bad!

Wow - these pics are awesome girl!!! Looks like she put on quite a show - s he's such an entertainer! I didn't know PCD was opening - fun! A little 'girl power' show - nice! and GREAT self-portrait and of course I heart the photo of tuckered out puppper! I hope you're not sick!

glad u had a good time. I love her and the pussycat dolls so i am super jealous! And im a huge bachelor fan.. that is so kool u saw Deanna. We forget that they are normal people haha

Sarah W. said...

nice pics! i can't believe you spotted deanna in line!!!

the camera def adds 10lbs which is why I know that my "goal" should actually be slightly under for picture purposes ;-)

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