Monday, February 16, 2009

Peanut Butter (my favorite) Apple Muffins

On my day off, I've been cooking up a storm in the kitchen, whipping together Yogurt Dijon Chicken, more Cashew Butter Chicken Stew (loved that recipe), a couple salmon fillets and a couple Tilapia fillets. This is all this weeks lunches, snacks and dinners. I find that if I make everything in advance, it's less overwhelming and I can stop and breathe, watch my TV shows, etc. :-)
ALSO, I made a dessert/breakfast. Peanut Butter Ap
ple Muffins. I've been meaning to make them for awhile,and they did NOT disappoint. Check them out! Look at those chunks of apple! And the peanut butter in the center....YUM-O! ha! Now, I feel as though I didn't get to relax at all today, so that's where I'm headed now--to the couch! Watch a little Netflix. See you guys!


Kelly said...

ooooh those look good! I REALLY see the chunks - amazing! And question: what is yogurt dijon chicken? One more: why were you off work today and not me? Lucky duckie!

prettyface said...

I'll definitely post the Chicken Yogurt Dijon recipe! It turned out really good!

Yes, having President's Day off was fantastic, but back to work tomorrow. :( UGH.

Wow look at u go girl!! Cooking up a storm!

And I am definitely going try the peanut butter apple muffins...they sound great!

Big Pissy said...

Good for you! I think it's so smart to cook ahead like that. :)

Those muffins look SOOOOOO tasty! Gotta try that recipe! :)

Brittney said...

Those look yummy! I just realized you are from AL! Me too!

Hi Jenny! I'm so glad you made - and enjoyed! - my muffins! The peanut butter middle is my favorite part too. :-)

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