Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Boring day my friends

I'm gonna start giving people that lusty look when I do my stretches. BAHA! NOT. Well...maybe I will. I have been known to "set a man down and set him on fire" with my eyes (yea, this was a real pick up line from an old man I received once. I've never lived it down with my friends.) Here's my own sultry look. See, I got skillz. LOL!

This blog is gonna be short and sweet. I forgot, AGAIN, to photograph my entire day'
s meals. UGH. Dummy me. Tomorrow, ladies, I promise! :)

I did have a wonderful workout and am officially out of my slump from last week. Before today I hadn't hit the gym in a week and 3 days. Eek. Way too long. I don't know why I never go when I'm in a slump. I KNOW it makes me feel better, but for some reason my brain tells me that it's much more fun to sit on the couch, drink wine and eat chocolate.

Biggest Loser and American Idol tonight...AND Housewives of Orange County and Nip/Tuck. What the Hell man. Tuesday is jam packed. They need to help a girl out and change the day for some of these shoes to Thursday nights.

Hump Day Tomorrow. I know everyone's excited. I AM! Take care y'all!


I TOTALLY make that face when I do my stretching, too! LOL And who needs a pony tail holder at the gym?

Glad you're out of your slump and back in the gym - I know you must feel better! I hate when I lose my motivation - blah. I've had a hard time with food lately (read: eating too much crap like M&Ms). :)

bri said...

Hi, I just stumbled upon your blog and i love it! I was curious thought about your career. I'm in college right now studying business but I've always wondered about PR... Could you tell me a bit about how you went around getting your job and what you do? thanks!!

Anonymous said...

Oh you have skills in spades with the sultry look!!

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