Thursday, May 29, 2014

Urban Remedy Juice Cleanse: Day 1

Day 1 Overview

7:00 a.m.- My day began with a huge glass of water with lemon- no difference there. Around 8:30 a.m. I had my first juice of the day: The Brainiac. Tasted just like the ingredients it listed. Typical green juice. Not bad to start the day.

By 10:00 a.m. I started feeling a few small hunger pangs, understandably, which is about the time I always eat my greek yogurt. Instead, I reached for Juice 2 of the day: Time Machine. This one was just what I was craving - and didn't even know it! It was lemony like tea and spicy from the cayenne. No chugging with this one even if I wanted to because that cayenne sneaks up on you. Two thumbs up for this baby!

I even let Meredith, my friendly friend and co-worker, have a taste. She concurred.

Unfortunately, the second juice only kept me satisfied until I started salivating hearing announcement after announcement about a "burger burn in the front of the facility" blaring over my place of work's loud speaker. Thanks, guys.

I also found myself going towards the fridge to grab a snack. Sorry. Not today. Or tomorrow...or the day after that......or the next....

12:15 p.m.- I can feel a headache trying to creep up on me. I tell it to "get the hell out of here" and push through. Other than that minor itch, I feel good. I don't feel sluggish or weak, just sleepy from a restless night's sleep.

The third juice of the day is nicely named, Flush. Flush because that's what I've been doing to the toilet all day. This juice is SUPER refreshing and minty and I love it! So far I haven't met a juice in this cleanse I don't like! Two thumbs up so far on taste!

1:00 p.m.- I finished with Flush rather quickly and I have another hour and a half before my next juice. AN HOUR AND A HALF?! I find myself nervously trying to figure out what to do with my hands...with my mind..WHAT'S HAPPENING? I keep looking out my window at work, distracted, thinking about snacks now. Almonds covered with chocolate and other NatureBox snacks I have at home. I just want to chew. Already. It's only day 1. I keep breaking out in random dance moves in my work chair (if you can even call them that? More like wild flailing of my arms.) It's a weird thing- and then I'll feel sleepy again. This is weird.

2:30 p.m.- TIME FOR THE NEXT JUICE! It's probably me hallucinating, but I immediately feel better with the first sip. Oh my God. It feels so good to have something else in my stomach, even if it's not a solid. After Party is earthier than the juices I've had so far today, but the apple and lemon cut that taste significantly. I've tasted earthier, that's for sure. Kinda wishing it were more earthy/heavier so it could have a more filling effect on my stomach.

This headache nag is still hanging around. Blah. I start doing Google searches on "juice cleanse benefits" to keep myself motivated.

4:30 p.m.-The time seemed to fly between the last juice and number 5. Probably because I was driving home from work and all I could think about was consuming the next juice, The Warrior. The Warrior is strawberries, chia seeds and stevia. This was the most filling of all of the juices so far and delicious- strawberries? How can you go wrong?

6:00 p.m.- Last call for alcohol!!!

Last juice of the day and the "creamiest". Relax was cashew milk with vanilla and cinnamon. It was a nice ending to the day- creamy, comforting (if THAT'S even possible) and now I'm definitely welcoming bed with open arms. It's been a long day. Thank God tomorrow is Friday.

Was I starving today? It seemed like when I started to get that hungry feeling it was time to drink another juice, so I didn't felt ravenous or dying for food. My stomach had a bit of an empty feeling, but I didn't have bad cravings for any food.

Most frequent thought of the day?
"This is hard, but it's really not THAT bad."

Overall thoughts for Day 1?
Not bad, but not ideal. I wouldn't say awful by any means, but difficult, yes. The baby headaches I experienced were the most annoying part about day 1. Plus I was a little emotional overall today, so that didn't really help my longing to chew something.

Check back here tomorrow for Day 2, when I either push forward or trip and fall. lol Just kidding. I'll make it. 

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