Monday, July 2, 2012

Summery Beach Must-haves!

Living a 15-20 minute drive from two beaches has its perks- and I'm taking full advantage! Oddly enough, I wasn't much of a beach person until this past year- not sure why....body issues probably. I never liked that I couldn't prance around in a bikini. Yes. Prance. Not that I do now, but I damn sure don't hide in a t-shirt and shorts anymore. I need to give myself more credit.

Here are my Beach must-haves!!

1. A cute beach chair with pink somewhere in it.
Must have pink chair! It used to be just a blanket for me, but a chair is now a must! It's easier to sit up in, lay back in and not so close to the sand. Not that I mind lying on the sand- I like that, too, but chairs are just cool. I picked this one up at Publix for cheap!

2. Floppy beach hat. With lace.
Scored this from e-bay! I don't wear it too often because I like the sun on my face, but if I'm walking around at a beach ALL day, this is a must have. Keeps you cool and I love the lace detail!

3. Bright beach towel.
Lay it on the sand to sprawl out on or drape it over the chair. Either way, make sure it's bright! :) Home Goods has AHHHmazzzinnggg beach towels! Look all the colors! Mine isn't pictured here, but it's orange, pink, white sunbursts.

4. A beachbag with style.
I have a thing for skulls. Chi Omega thing, mainly. I loved this nautical striped bag with the skull n crossbones. Perfect! All my other beach stuff is girly, so I needed a bad-assery piece.

5. A cooler big enough to hold all of your ice, cold alcoho....water!
Not sure how I, an online shopaholic, hadn't heard about Scout brand of coolers, tote bags and coolers. I wanted to buy one of EVERy bag in VEVERY print but settled on the hard-bottomed bigger cooler in the paisley print. But, trust when I say, I'll be buy others in different sizes. LOVE these bags! Great quality, keeps things cold and doesn't leak- that I've seen yet!

6. Sunscreen spf 15.
Naturally. Don't go out in the sun without it peeps. I like 15, but everyone's skin is different. Don't forget to reapply! Duh. 

This past weekend I made it to Folly beach early Saturday morning. It's awesome going around 10:00 and staying until the lunch crowd comes out....I hate dealing with the traffic going to the beach on James Island. Ick! The beach isn't very crowdd and I like the spot I've become accustomed has a good amount of people to gawk at, but not too many to feel claustrophobic.

Saturday, there was a dude on the beach building what looked to be either an Alien signal or a cool sandcastle...I was intrigued....and was even ready to pack up and head home, but HAD to wait until Mr. Alien Summoner got back from his ocean swim break, to see exactly what the hell he was building he was working so hard on....

On his hands and knees? That's dedication!

Shovel in hand. Looking determined to finish his masterpiece...

THE masterpiece....uh....yeaahhhh....

I expected better....

What are your beach essentials? Do share!


All of those - YES. And I'm so picky about the chair - it must recline all the way back, and have a cupholder ;) I also need music and my Kindle!

LWLH said...

I agree with all of those, though I do need a new chair.

Jenny said...

Holy crap. Yes. How could I forget my music! I bring my iPod deck out with me and listen to tunes to pass the time as well! I tried bringing a book to read, but I couldn't pay attention. I was too busy gawking...

Cute stuff!! I love the beach, got to come visit at some point. Our friends just got engaged last week and are getting married in Oct so now we have a bunch more weekends full w/ that! It NEVER stops!

Sarah O said...

I love Scout coolers; cute and handy! They are great gifts for beach goers as well.

I love Hawaiian Tropic so much, it smells simply amazing! I love the skull accessory too, I'd love to own that if it didn't make me look a little feminine haha. Great post Jenny.

What the heck was he trying to build? I can't even tell. lol

i want that hat. lol. Fabulous post, love. I've got a new outfit post. If you get a sec I'd love to hear your thoughts. xo

UGH I miss the beach. That guys "sand castle" had me cracking up. Was he doing this for/with kids or just by himself?

Nikki said...

Ugh this makes me wanna go to the beach! Love that sun hat! What seller did you get it from on ebay? I love the new monogram trend ones but the lace is super cute and unique!

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