Friday, June 29, 2012

Folly Beach and Sea Scallops

I hit up Folly Beach off of James Island this morning. It was so much prettier than Sullivan's in my opinion. I liked Sullivan's atmosphere, but Folly had clean beaches and nice sand without a bunch of rocks and crap-ola! It was a nice, breezy day- considering it was scorching outside...I'm hotter in my apartment NOW at 6 p.m. since my air unit is a piece of shit...obviously.

On the way home from the beach I decided I wanted to cook up some scallops! I stopped by a fresh seafood market and picked up scallops, salmon and halibut! I have a recipe for a Spicy Peach Salsa from Oxygen Magazine, which I made to go with the scallops. It was PERFECT! And wine. Of course. My treat for the week!

Totally random as ALL get out but at Target the other day, I found this Birthday card with an owl on it. The inside was EVEN better....Kelly, this is for you, too :)

I have no big plans for the weekend except maybe hit the beach up again! I'm loving living so close to a beach! I lived close to the Florida panhandle and its beaches back in AL (1.5 hours away), but this is SUPER close!

It was up to 100 degrees here in Charleston today- and will probably get hotter- and wouldn't you know it? My air unit wouldn't cool my apartment down past 77. STUPID. The owner and/or landlord REALLY needs to fix this unit before I go cray on them. haha

Happy WEEKEND!!!


safire said...

Looks like a wonderful day to yourself! I love owls :)

Hope you are enjoying Charleston, it's a great place. The scallops look yummy!

I'm so envious of you Jenny for living near a beach and for having good enough weather to enjoy it too, it seems like a great day as well, the food looks delicious.

Whoa, what a pretty sear you put on those scallops! That can be hard to do! Did you use a special technique?


Jessie said...

The beach looks amazing! Wish I lived near the water

LWLH said... this car.

It isn't my birthday, but my name is Kelly, and I adore owls (hootie hoo, fellow xo, duh), so that card is AWESOME!!

you KNOW I appreciate that card.

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