Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Hominy Grill Review

OH SNAP! Hominy grill in Charleston lived up to the hype in my opinion- or maybe I was really hungry? Either way, it was delicious!

The parents of a close friend of mine are in South Carolina for vacation and wanted to take me to dinner- free dinner AND a chance to see familiar faces? I jumped at the chance!

Me and Michele (Jamie's mom) were craving Shrimp and Grits, so we decided to give Hominy a try. Plus my favorite, Anthony Bourdain, dined there during his show "No Reservations." Duh. I'm going just for that simple fact alone.

After work I got in a quick workout (Insanity Cardio Recovery) then I walked to the restaurant- it took me 9 minutes exactly. Such a quick and easy walk! I love it that I can walk almost anywhere on the peninsula in under 30 minutes. Score!!

I started with a glass of Pinot and our food cam with quickness!

Shrimp n Grits people!

Chocolate Pudding for dessert. OMG goooooood. It was dark chocolate and probably the best pudding/mousse I've ever had in my life. Damn!

I left feeling satisfied but not overly stuffed! Which is great news, since I've been making a HUGE effort to stay on my healthy eating lifestyle here lately. NOTE: This is hard to do in a Southern city in general, but Charleston is the WORST. So much good food. 

I'll be back to Hominy for sure. MUST try their new Fried Green Tomatos next!

WORKOUTS:  I'm finally seeing the scale and tape measure budge! I haven't been on a regular workout schedule in months and it feels great to finally be back in the habit! This past weekend some of my Beachbody Coach Family went to the big Beachbody Summit in Las Vegas and I wanna go next year- it's HUGE and a great place to get in-the-know about programs and Beachbody products that are coming out soon!

In case you care: 
-Insanity: The Asylum #2 will be coming to a home near you later this year
-Chocolate Shakeology is now offered in a VEGAN formula. 

If you have no idea what either of those are then you should probably ask me and find out because they can change your life :)

Happy Wednesday!!


megan said...

Damn, those s&g's look amazing. As does the pudding. SERIOUSLY. I've had the fried green tomatoes there and they are amaze.

We just traveled to Charleston for our Anniversary 2 weeks ago! Hominy was the first place we ate at when we arrived!!! We saw it on Man vs. Food and HAD to try it! Check out my post on our Annimoon pt 1 for my review :) Next time you have to try the Big Nasty!!! It was to die for! :)

Oh YUM! The shrimp and grits looks uh-mazing! And I have never even had grits before (I know...I'm a sheltered Oregon girl :) ) But the nice lady on that side of the building is saying that they are good for I SHOULD try them!
Also, can I just say that I love seeing you get settled in your new world :)
XO - Marion

REBrown said...

That looks amazing!

Oh I'm so sad I never went here. Shrimp 'n grits is an all-time favorite.

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