Thursday, April 5, 2012

Team Bootylicious Fitness

Yes. BOOTY-LICIOUS! That's my Beachbody Team name :)
I came up with it ALL by myself..............OK, with some help from my girl, Beyonce. WHO, by the way, I wish I was! Dang, that girl has got it going ON! How cute is this romper she has on?!?!?

I started a group on facebook YESTERDAY....this is different from my Fcaebook "Fan" page. I hate the term fanpage, but whatever. I call it the technical term. So, yes, different from that page. It's a group I just started adding my friends to, who I knew were interested or had done Beachbody workouts (think P90X, Insanity, etc.).

Guys, it's AWESOME! people are talking and sharing and I LOVE it! This is what I visualized when I became a Coach. People motivating each other! hell, it motivates me when others are talking about the same workouts I'm doing, when they're having the same struggles or have the same goals.

I'm reaching out to ALL of you who are interested in getting fit or just trying something different for your workouts. CHANGE-UP is a GREAT thing.

We have to be friends on Facebook before I can add you to the group, but I would LOVE for you to join! The more the merrier, more information flow, MORE motivation.

First go to my Fanpage:
Second: LIKE the page and leave me a comment telling me you want in on this TEAM BOOTYLICIOUS fitness group.

I'll do the rest :) I know there are some of you reading this RIGHT now on the fence about trying an at-home workout and I'm here to tell you to freaking see what it's all about and the changes it's making to my friends and I :)

Loving it.

Thanks for all of your support. You know who you are ;)



I love the team name Jenny, in fact I love everything you're doing with this stuff right now, keep it up!

Beyonce does have it going on, except for marrying Jay-Z. I have no idea how she's attracted to him!! Regardless, I'm happy to be apart of the group. Whooo-Rahh!

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That time I interviewed Britney
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