Friday, April 6, 2012

Gracias a Dios es Viernes, I ALWAYS SAY!!!

Friday, Friday, how I've longer for you. What a loooooong and drawn out WEEK!

I have a weekend with NO plans WHAT-so-EVER and I need it. I just kept tossing and turning all week and couldn't get a good nights sleep. I'm ready to rock out some workouts this weekend and film some videos for the YouTubes.

I just noticed I have 499 followers. Seriously? Where are all of you??? I think there are maybe 5 of you who comment. Ever. lol Just weird to me. And no...I'm not having a 500 follower contest. Just not gonna do it :)

So, my new business is REALLY picking up and I couldn't be happier.
OH and I'm down 3 pounds. Thanks Insanity. :)

Shaun T- you're hot. The End.


Congratulations on the 500 followers, they're seriously much deserved Jenny. Congratulations on the weight loss too, you're doing amazing.

REBrown said...

Way to go! We've been moving into our new house all week so I've been eating lots of pizza. Not good!

Awesome! In no time we will be FAB-U-LOUS!

LWLH said...

Congrats on almost 500 girl, that's awesome and for the weight loss...woot woot! Get it girl.

Kish said...

Ya think if you use that pic of Shaun T. for your future posts you might double the number of your followers? I'll surely follow you twice! Lol!!! Just kidding!

I was literally cussing Shaun T. out about a half-hour ago. I'm sitting here still dripping with sweat. Yeah...yuck.

Congratulations on your following! I'm certainly looking forward to more of your journey's success!

3 pounds?! Awesome!!!
I've noticed the same thing with my followers.. I'm far, far, far away from 500 but I notice that it's like the same lovely people that comment on everything of mine. I love any comments, no complaint I just wonder where the rest of them are lol.

Natasha said...

Congrats on the 500 plus followers and the weight loss. I'm happy that your business is picking up...that's awesome that this journey is becoming a success. I love the pic of Shaun T....his body is amazing! OMG!

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