Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Tell me about Charleston, SC.....

I've never been to Charleston, SC and I need to know what you all think about it....

-Have you lived there?
-Overall thoughts?
-If you've lived there, where are the best places to live? etc. etc.

Short post, but to the point and very important :) Thanks!

Happy Tuesday.


I went to Charleston one time when I was like 14 and although we only stayed for maybe a day I left with really good impressions of the place. People were friendly, the weather was awesome and I don't know, I liked it more than most cities I visited in the States. Hope that helps a bit!

I went to Charleston a few months ago and love it! I am planning another trip in May to go back. Loved it so much I would love to move there!

CH said...

I've visited there three times, and it's one of our favorite places to go. Great food, friendly people, and easy to get around.

megan said...

I've lived in Charleston for 28 years! Well minus 4.5 while I was in college. Mt. Pleasant is nice, has a ton of shopping, close to a beach but is traffic heavy. James Island is close to a different beach (Folly) and is more laid back. Really depends on what specifically you're looking for in a place to live! Email me if you have more questions! :)

Chrisology said...

Hey! I'm actually from an area that is an hour from Charleston and i'm currently living in Columbia. We consider it the low country and we all have heavy accents. We call it "Gullah" some people say "Geechie" but the majority of people get offended when you say they talk or sound "Geechie". A lot of the African Americans are of African and Caribbean decent. Charleston has the best seafood besides M. Beach which is two hours away depending how fast you drive sometimes a hour and half. To be honest there are different parts of Charleston that aren't the safest but you will quickly see that when you enter those areas. Folly Beach, Isle of Palms, Hilton Head, and historical area are the main places where people vacation at. Charleston is also an import port so you may get to see the port stations and canisters when crossing over into downtown if your heading down to the mall. There is a plantation out there that you can visit called Bonne Hall Plantation and you can do a tour and sometimes they have events going on so you can check out there website. There is a lot of festivals that you can attended depending on when you decide to go. Also, along hwy 17 you will find the basket weavers and you can buy a sweet grass basket from the weavers along that road. Beaches are pretty and people are nice but you have the mean ones, too. Enjoy the food!!!

Anonymous said...

We love Charleston! We lived there (in Mt. Pleasant) and were married there. Amazing, amazing place. We want to move back to the Daniel Island area, though we loved Mt. Pleasant. So many awesome things to do, sweet people, great shopping and absolutely incredible restaurants. Here's a link of all of my Charleston recs.


OK so if you move to SC we totally have to have a blogger meet up or a Chihuahua date for Trinket and Brady. I live 2 hrs from Charleston in Columbia.

Overall I think Charleston is awesome. Being from SC and growing up in SC, I've been many times.

There's a lot of pple our age that live there. If you are into the bar scene, it's happening. Two of my good friends are from there and moved home again after college (although they've since moved again) and I visited them many times. They both lived in Mt. Pleasant. I think it's expensive to live down town, but I don't know for sure. I think the average one bedroom apt is around $1000.

I personally prefer Savannah GA and Beaufort SC to Charleston, but I still think Charleston is great. Now that I'm over the college years and bar scene I like somewhere like Beaufort that is more laid back best. Plus Savannah and Beaufort are more new and exciting for me since I haven't been to either as many times. Hope this helps and feel free to email me w/ more questions!

This is my favorite city ever and I visit as often as I can. I love the downtown and shopping scene. I love to eat at Josephs when I'm there and every time I go I chose a different historical tour. I enjoy the beach too.

If I had a chance to live there I would!

This is my favorite city ever and I visit as often as I can. I love the downtown and shopping scene. I love to eat at Josephs when I'm there and every time I go I chose a different historical tour. I enjoy the beach too.

If I had a chance to live there I would!

D'Rae said...

I've been there once when I was little.

But other than that, I've got nothing. Except that hopefully, in a few years once hubs and I graduate our MBA we hope to move out there.

looks beautiful... i'd love to visit there!

JCHokie said...

Hey! I meant to comment on this post. I LOVE Charleston. It's such a beautiful town. FI and I have vacationed at Kiawah Island for the past three summers and always go into Charleston when we're there. I don't think you can go wrong with moving & living there if that's what you're considering! I have lots of vacation posts on my blog on the area but my dang search button isn't working!

I have been to Charleston a number of times. The beaches there are pristine and lovely. Everyone there is very friendly and welcoming. I am even thinking about moving there. Lately I have been contacting realtors in Charleston SC to see if there are homes that fit my needs. Hopefully everything works out because I would love to live there.

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