Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Rewarding yourself with new workout gear and nay-sayers.

So, I'm no confident enough (YET) to sport only a sports bra or tiny tank, hell not even a regular tank, during my workouts. I'm still a t-shirt wearing worker-outer.

I always read about people who "reward" themselves with cute, bright and new workout gear when they hit a fitness milestone and I was never really interested. GIVE ME A MASSAGE!!! And although I would still prefer a massage, now that I'm seeing changes in my body I can definitely see how new workout wear would be a well-deserved reward to show off those guns or newly formed abs :)

I, frankly, can't wait to wear a bright pink Lululemon sports bra for my workouts and have nothing flop here or there. That's a frivolous and vain goal, but ya know what? It's a goal. No matter how silly anyone else thinks it is. I have my eye on a some stuff:

You get the idea. Anything cute, strappy, pink and grey. 

On the opposite spectrum from bright, pink and cheerful things- can you believe I've had some "friends" who think my YouTube videos and things I'm doing to promote Beachbody is actually FUNNY. Really? I'm taking this seriously, as something I am passionate about, and these fools are poking fun. I shouldn't let it bother me, since these remarks are coming from people who just aren't that smart.

Proving people wrong is the best revenge, I always say :)

Happy Hump Day!


That last line is honestly how I live my life Jenny, this workout thing is a big thing for you and you're going to succeed at it while the naysayers sit around doing nothing and feeling better about themselves for it, it's ridiculous.

I wear a shirt to the gym too but I guess that's mandatory for a guy haha.

LisaC said...

Good Luck on your new fitness business! I say go ahead and reward yourself with new workout gear. I especially love that Lululemon tank.

REBrown said...

I love all the Lulemon stuff but it is soooo expensive.

Kish said...

I love your workout gear picks...I would also love to buy some of the cute stuff that I see in stores, but...I would ALSO like to be able to afford them! ;)

I started the first official Insanity workout yesterday...I was proud to at least complete the first 25 minutes! Lol!

Cute workout outfits. I think it is a great idea. I need motivation to work out. Maybe I should reward myself too! :)

i'm slowly getting back into the gym, and i'm definitely planning on some fun bright pieces as a reward in a few weeks =)

Sportsgirl said...

I've read about that reward incentive too, but to be honest it's never worked for me. To see myself get leaner, stronger and faster is enough reward in itself! I don't think clothes or anything else would motivate me :-)

Jamie said...

I desperately need some new workout clothes. It is so much nicer to workout when you look forward to your outfit.

Anonymous said...

Stop. It. I love the sports bra with multiple criss-crossing straps! Adding a little pizazz to the normal work out clothes?! Yes please!!

I think you should totally splurge for yourself on that striped tank/tunic piece. It's so cute, plus I think it may be able to do duty as a casual top - score!

LOVE the finds - that striped top is FAB - I want!

yeah - people suck. I find they just don't get it and 9 times out of 10 the peeps who poke fun at what i'm doing aren't doing anything. losers. :)

Jamie said...

I love your blog and you are so gorgeous!! It's my secret desire to wear cute workout clothes too! Love your style girlie!

Jessie said...

Can I say I want my whole work out wardrobe to be lulumelon however there sizes run so small it's very frustrating.

Krystle said...

Hi!!!! New follower!! I used the reward system for my weight loss journey and it worked! New shoes, a HR Monitor, Camelbak and the last one I'm waiting for which is a tattoo! They are things I normally wouldn't buy or want to spend the money on.

Good luck in your new fitness business! I am trying to get my own local boot camp started, but you know life gets in the way. Check out my blog to see my story :)


Pamela said...

so I just came across your blog today (via verokika!!) and I love it! Just became your newest follower :) I was going to comment on your newest entry but this is such a great post. I think that cute new workout gear is SUCH a reward for those of us working our asses off in the gym - hell workout clothes is the only clothes i wear when not in WORK clothes! HAHA! I love everything you posted and I have the same goals. And to your "freinds" who are not taking you goals and videos seriously - they are seriously jealous. People are jealous of those of us who have the willpower and strength to stick to a healthy diet and exercise plan because they do not have the willpower. Trust me, it has happened to me many times! But keep up your great week darling! keep in touch!
- Pam

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