Sunday, January 29, 2012

Yeah, I'm a copycat. Sue me, Pinterest!

So, thanks for all of the nice and reassuring comments from my last post. Dude, sometimes one just has to cry it out. I'm in a funk, I admit it, and yes, I tend to get into funks often when I'm stagnant. I'm just ready for a good change. I thrive on good changes. *big heavy sigh*

On a brighter, bloggerific note (wtf. Bloggerific?)...much like a LOT of the world, I'm obsessed with Pinterest. OB-sessed. I absolutely love all of the ideas I get from that wondrous website. I went through my Fashion board the other day and decided to pick out a few outfits that I WILL copy in the upcoming months once it's warmer.

I chose these looks based upon the fact that they're simple to recreate. I love fashion, but find that if I have a FULL outfit inspiration I do better. I just get overly critical of my own additions to anything. So, yeah, basically a copy cat like whoa.

If I could raid any celebs clost, it would be Carrie Underwood or The Kardashians. They might be annoying and worthless, but dammit, they're gorgeous and always look good. I mean.....please, someone tell me why my ponytail doesn't look as good as Kim's...Anyone?

This outfit, like I said, super simple. Ivory blazer, distressed folded jeans and bright platforms? LOVE it. Instead of the lime green, I'm looking for turquoise pumps.

Kim again. The leopard, wedges and red blazer totally stole my heart.

Green skinnies? Pshh, duh. Except, I found a mint green I love even better than this kelly green. Paired with a white, black OR peach colored top, they're going to get me through this spring and summer. 

I'm all about leopard pops lately. I found this exact top online- I love when the items in a Polyvore set are ACTUALLY still in stock. Score! I just need to find a decently priced, pleated blazer such as this this camel color...
 Love everything about this simple-to-put-together outfit.

What are some of your Pinterest outfit inspirations? I'd love to see what you all have put together. Send the links my way! :)


Sorry to hear you've been in a funk, here's hoping you get better soon. I've been in one for quite some time too so I empathise with you. I love these photos too.

Contessa said...

Is there anyway you can ID the top with those mint green pants??? I LOVEE the top!!!!

Jenny said...

Contessa- It's from Primark, which is a UK store, and they don't sell online :( I'm sure you can find a match like it! Try and type in peach baggy top or something along those lines :)

Heather said...

Although I'm no Kim K. fan I do love her style...and the fact she's not a twig and actually has curves!

REBrown said...

I feel like Kim K always has the most amazing style. Her personal life is a little wonky, but she looks good!

Marion said...

Aw, friend...I just read your last post and I am so "right there with ya." We all have those days and I sooooo relate to coming home to finding dog pee on the carpet and it is totally the last straw! BIG HUG!
And Pinterest is completely amazing. What is your username? I'd love to follow you since we have such similar style! :-) Mine is marionberry3 :-)

XO - Marion

Jenny said...

Kim and her sisters always have such awesome style!! Agreed! Not a "fan" by any means, but loving their sense of fashion.

Nicole said...

Any advice for a Texan moving to Alabama this Fall? I got a job at a university and will be moving to Tuscaloosa. It's my first time living out of Texas!

So pretty!

PS. We've a DORIS giveaway on our blog! Check it out, if you'd like :)

ox from NYC!


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