Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Mini meltdown

So. I may or may not have had a small meltdown after work.

I came home and my Chihuahua's had pooped and peed, not ON their pee pads, but right next to them on my RUGS. Seriously? They know better.

After the week I've had, this just pushed me over the edge. I started crying hysterically as I was scrubbing the carpet, thinking of how I'm going to be the single Chihuahua lady living in lower Alabama for the rest of my life because every single job vacancy in my field I interview for comes SO close, but not close enough. lol


I would like to compare this outburst with that of a mother at her wits end surrounded by crying babies and dirty diapers. lol.

The End. See ya next month when I decide to blog once. hahaha



Chris said...

Hang in there... you're allowed to have bad days. Heck, you're allowed to have horrible days... and it's absolutely ok to sob as you scrub poop and pee from the rug.

Good luck on the job search!

Rach said...

Oh I've been there! Seriously during job searches even the tiniest things can trigger a massive meltdown. It took me six months of meltdowns to find my job so I have total faith that things will work out for you! You can do great things!

Tori said...

TOTALLY been there!

Elle said...

oh i have so been there. single. chihahuas and all. it's okay though. it has to get better! right?!

Better a single Chihuahua lady than a single cat lady with 15 cats. (No offense to the cat people out there.) Hey, at least your dogs are trying to get your attention! Cats just try to escape their owner's grip! LOL

Totally joking, cat people!

That's pretty disgusting but I wouldn't be too upset, bad days happen like others are saying here. They should know better than to avoid peeing on your rugs though!

What were they thinking? I was housesitting for a friend of mine w/ a really nice house and Trinket had a pee pee accident. I had JUST taken her out! I called my best guy friend b/c I was so mad at her. He said his old old, Kiki, would be in the yard for hours and come in and go in the house. I just don't get it?! It's so maddening. I've had Trinket for almost 4 years now and she still seems to get confused. If you figure out any good solutions, let me know! And yes, they will always seem to do it when you have a bad day. I hope your week gets better!! :-)

BeesKnees said...

My newest pup is spiteful like that too. He definitely knows better but he's trying to make a point - lil' bastard, lol.

We used to have a super smart Chihuahua that taught himself to go potty in the bath tub when no one was home. It happened when my sister was uber sick and couldn't take him out. So he went pee and poo in the bath tub and he never stoppped! He'd only do it when we were gone for a long time and he couldn't hold it in. He was amazingly smart!!!

RIP Chewy!

Wow I can TOTALLY relate to this. Some days I just sit in my car for a precious few minutes before entering my house so I can prepare myself for the crazy.

REBrown said...

I've definitely had these days. The last time this happened I had worked for 13 hours that day and came home to find a huge hole in my carpet. It wasn't good.

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