Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Day 1: Juicing and Raw Veggies "detox"

Can you BELIEVE I'm blogging two days in a ROW? Me neither.

I mentioned yesterday I was going to get my eating and workouts back on track this new year and today commences that "resolution."

First up is a juicing/raw veggies detox for the next three days. technically it's not a true detox. With a true juicing detox you aren't supposed to eat solid anything in order to give your digestive system a break. That's just impossible for me being at work, so I'm sticking to fresh organic veggies for lunch and snacks throughout the day.

I'll be using my super new and cool Breville Juice Fountain Plus to make two or three fresh juices per day.
I did pick up an organic Naked brand juice drink for lunch today- just to try it out. Lots of sugar (natural, but still).

I wish I could do the juice fast for longer than three days, but I'll be out of town this weekend, in Memphis....Probably eating BBQ. DO NOT judge me......

If it matters at all, I plan to eat as LIGHTLY as possible on this trip for my friend's 30th birthday, but I just can't promise that. I'm trying so hard to overcome my mentality of "all or nothing." It used to be, if I knew I'd be going out of town and eating bad, I'd just go ahead and eat badly leading up to that point- Figured I might as well. This isn't the attitude to have, ya know?

Anyone ever tried a juice detox or simply add fresh juice to your daily diet? How'd you like it?


Nice one when it comes to the two blogs in two days thing, congratulations! This post makes me miss my juicer so much, there's nothing better for detox than fruit juice!

Marion said...

Ha! You seriously crack me up! I would judge you if you DIDN'T each BBQ in Memphis! Lol!

No really - this is awesome that you are trying this. I don't know if I could do it. And for you to even acknowledge your old mentality of "all or nothing" is a huge step! Seriously...I'm still trying to overcome that way of thinking.

BTW - your juicer looks fancy. Let us know how it works for you!! :-)
XO - Marion

REBrown said...

I'm so jealous you got a juicer - I really wanted one for Christmas. I'm going to have to break down and buy one for myself so I can go on a juice fast a few days a month.

BeesKnees said...

Looking forward to seeing how your fast goes. I've always wanted to try one but I don't think I could hack it.

~Good luck!


I want a juicer! I spent 9 weeks in Australia and lived of fresh juices - heaven!

I am now following you :)



Oh HAY!! So funny that you commented on my blog, and now I am reading about your juicing/raw diet because I have just decided to try a 10 day juice fast, and I JUST bought a new Breville juicer! I'm also really into eating raw foods, but I get bored with that, so I switch between the two. The longest I went eating raw was 2 weeks. I'm completely new to juicing so I hope I can make it 10 days, I hear the results are fantastic, I would love to shed at least 5 pounds and brighten my complexion. It will be an experiment!

Rach said...

I've always been intrigued by cleanses, but I'm afraid that I'll feel sick and won't have enough energy to function at work. I'm also afraid I'd just gain all the weight back. I might do what you are doing and just substitute juice and raw veggies for the majority of my meals for a few days.

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