Wednesday, October 5, 2011

People underestimate.....

....We all underestimate just how much a simple act of kindness can impact our day and turn it around for the better.

Simply saying hello (even if the bastard doesn't say hi back), smile, hug, compliment.....can make someone smile inside and feel good.  Just a reminder I always try to tell myself on a daily basis and try to live by. I can be pretty bitchy to stupid people (haha) but in the end...I'm really a nice girl.

Those are my words of wisdom for you all this morning. Something you already know, but probably need reminded of :) No go hug someone!!


Liz Taylor said...

That is so so so so true. I always try to offer a smile, compliment, hold the door, or anything to make someone's day better. It truly is effective. Great post babe.

Heather said...

This so true! I try to be as nice as I can be to strangers, co-worker's, family...etc, just a simple smile can brighten a person's day so much!

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