Tuesday, October 4, 2011

I need a shopping ban!!

Y'all...I really need to stop buying stuff. I need to start saving more money and I just can't. I admit it. I'm addicted to buying. Clothes, shoes, candles and STUFF.

It hasn't been so bad since Anthropologie has started going ugly on me, but that doesn't mean anything else I like is any cheaper. And reading blogs doesn't help because all of your cute fall outfit ideas are killing me (Fall fashion is my absolute favorite.) *sigh* Anyway...rant OVA. 

A few things I'm loving:

-It's so chilly here in Alabama today- love that!
-Gwen Stefani's birthday was yesterday- love HER!
-My spiked heels are amazing and quite more comfortable than I expected- loving that shizz.
-Found a birthday outfit that will suffice- kinda love, but still mad about my pretty "dress" I was gonna sport.
-My 28th birthday is in a week!! I love birthdays!

I've been horrible with my blogging here lately- consider me uninspired.
OH, but is anyone watching the new Fall show "Revenge" that comes on Wednesdays?? Oooh, it's pretty intriguing. I like it. 

Peace out!


I had to put myself on a shopping ban this month (I've tried in the past and seriously failed). There are a few other ladies that joined so hopefully that might make it a bit easier. Even 2-3 weeks would be a success, you can do it girl :)

Liz Taylor said...

Ahh!! Girl I love shopping too! Bad habit :) Revenge is awesome, loving that show.

CT Cupcake said...

I need a shopping ban too-so I am attempting to buy nothing except gas + groceries this month- with one exception for a weekend away.
It's not even just clothes that are my problem, it's random crap for my house and just random stuff.

Jax said...

I haven't started watching Revenge yet, but it's on the dvr! Dude, I am SO overspending lately. I can't stop. I feel like our trip to San Fran was so fun, but poorly timed. It fell right after a TON of baby showers/wedding showers, etc and then falls JUST long enough before the holidays to barely get my budget back in order before I have to go gift crazy. In short, I have GOT to stop spending NOW or else no one is getting a Christmas present.. haha! Sheez

I know how you feel I feel the same way but there's something about buying clothes that's crazy cool !!!

I'm watching Revenge! I thought it was going to be terrible when I saw the previews and what do you know I am hooked.

REBrown said...

I need to put the stops on spending too.

I haven't seen Revenge, but a lady I work with said it was really good.

Rach said...

I've been horrible about shopping too! I am trying to control myself and mix up the pieces in my closet, but it's not working. Now that it's fall I just want to buy tons of comfy sweaters and hats and it doesn't even get that cold here. Must. stop. shopping.

Heather said...

My credit card HATES me right now for all the shopping I'm doing too. Wish I had some words of wisdom for you, but alas, I'm in the same boat :(.

Oh and Revenge is such a good show! I'm loving it!

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