Thursday, September 22, 2011

Skydiving Adventure #2 and Giveaway Winner!

I'm going skydiving AGAIN this weekend. This will be my second time being taken on a tandem- I'm thrilled. I just love the thrill of the whole experience! It's good to know skydiver friends- you get awesome discounts. ;-) The drop zone where everyone skydives is also hosting a big Christmas in September hoopla party. Let the shenanigans begin!

So, yeah, today's my Friday.

There's also a winner for the Stella & Dot giveaway I hosted on my blog. First of all I am SO ashamed more of you didn't enter! What gives? Yes. This is me scolding you!! Free money?! Hello.

*sigh* Anyway. There were 11 entries and I had a guy in my office choose a random number and that number was 8. Congrats to LOREN!! Enjoy your  $35 Stella & Dot gift certificate! Let us all know what you buy.


You're one brave lady :) I bet it is an awesome experience though.

Lacey said...

Wow I don't know how you do that- I was be terrified! :) Have so much fun!!

Angie said...

Have fun! I would love to skydive just once, but am too much of a chicken!

Lil' Woman said...

That would be such fun....I would be scared as hell though.

Kelly said...

Oh my, have a BLAST skydiving!! I've been twice and would JUMP (heheh) at the chance to do it again! Have a great weekend :-)

REBrown said...

Way to go! I'm way too scared to ever do that.

Rach said...

I've always wanted to try skydiving! Have an amazing time!

rach. said...

i want to go skydiving. so freakin' jealous.

love, rach.

awww hope you had so much fun skydiving!

that is sooo cool you did that ! great blog you have ! wanna follow each other ?
have you seen my new post ?

Liz Taylor said...

I wanna go Skydiving!!!!

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