Tuesday, September 20, 2011

My Giveaway and...NOT so fast!!

Morning. I'm sleepy.

Just a reminder that Thursday is the last day to enter my Stella & Dot giveaway! I love their pieces...I've already made my wishlist- have you?

Last night I had a "not so fast" moment. I was trying on clothes that had become snug over the last year and ,while I was happy that I was actually getting back into them without BURSTING at the seams, I realized I had a LOT of work yet to do. I'm nowhere near my goal and this hiatus of taking weeks off from Insanity and workouts period just isn't cutting it. Time to get back to the grind. I've lost almost 12 pounds in TWO months...I just need to keep going and not give up. Time freaking FLIES- I'll be at my goal before I know it....but I won't get there by plopping my ass down on my couch after work to watch all my "Friends" DVDs. Baha!

Do you ever get "de-railed" with your workouts? You start losing weight and seeing results and think you can slack a bit? Happens to me all the time. Something I constantly work on.

Is it Thursday yet?? (My Friday this week!!)


Ariana said...

Happens to me allllllll the time! I've hovering at the -15lbs mark because I've slacked off on working out! Need to get back in the groove...

Kinsey said...

YES! If I do really well with being considten for a while with working out and I ake a short weekend off, it is SO hard ot get back into the swing of things!

Jenny said...

Good! Glad it's not just me and my piss poor motivation. LOL Thanks, ladies!

Jax said...

YES! I have a habit of using trips, holidays, etc to motivate my workouts. Soooo when a trip is over, I quit going to the gym for like 2 months! It's ridiculous. Bad pattern. Very bad.

This week is taking forever! Yes, it happens to me too. Or I'll do really good with working out, but not with eating. I'm usually pretty regular about going to the gym. Sometimes I get lazy when I'm there though :/.

Just Jinny said...

GGiiirrrl, I'm ADD..I get "sidetracked" all the dang time.

I keep telling myself these are detours not derailments.

Anonymous said...

I get derailed like that all the time. I'll lose a few lbs, ease up on my diet/exercise and gain it all right back. Its a never ending cycle..ugh! Congrats on your 12 lb loss. Thats a huge deal!

Angie said...

It happens to me a lot with my diet! I love to workout, but my eating habits are horrible. I lost 23 pounds and thought I could eat whatever I wanted again and gained 5 pounds :(

REBrown said...

I'm in this rut right now. I got really good before I went on vacation and even while I was on vacation, but I've lost all motivation now.

Must get back on the wagon!

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