Saturday, September 10, 2011

If all of my beautiful followers donated $.75....

I could get these ASAP!!

I know I keep talking about them, mentioning them, DROOLING over them.....but my birthday is coming up 9OCtober 11) and I REALLY want to wear these out that weekend. The BIG 2-8, what what! hahaaa!!

Please donate $0.75...or more. If you do...then I'll take a special picture, personalized with your name somewhere, and text it to you the night I go out wearing them. hahaha WHAT a deal!! (right...)

(Image courtesy of

I WILL have these before my birthday. Mark my word.


New Follower! Those shoes are pretty awesome! Hope you get them, soon!

Lil' Woman said... this means you'll donate to my Canon Rebel fund in return : )

Ariana said...

Saw them for cheap at Century 21! If you've got one by you check it out!

the hot pink suede version of these MUST live in my closet soon!!

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