Thursday, August 18, 2011

WARNING: I may be slightly pissy right now.

I’m about to be irate Jenny during this blog post, so please bare with me.

To make a long story short- today at work we held a luncheon, complete with PIZZA HUT pizza (AND Chocolate Chip Oreo brownies I actually made, ok!?) for a co-worker who’s transferring jobs. Since I like to watch what I eat and actually LIKE to eat healthy, I pre-planned and decided I wouldn’t bring in my usual lunch even! I opted to, instead, buy a healthier thin crust spinach pizza from the store in order to kinda “be one as a group” ya know?

So…here comes lunch. Everyone’s grabbing the pizza and we all sit down and honestly…the shit looks un-appetizing…..Uh…Wait, wait….OK, OK it looked GREAT, but thinking about eating one or two slices of that grease triangle made my stomach churn. I definitely didn’t want it and was glad I brought my healthier version.

Insert array of sarcastic “jokes” from co-workers here.

Now, look…I have a sense of humor, but not when there are 4 or 5 people heckling me, making jokes- essentially laughing at the fact that I’m CHOOSING to eat healthy and eating what I WANT to eat. GHEESH! It’s not like I don’t eat “normal” foods. I just didn’t want to today. I was PISSED. Thanks guys. I’m AWARE that my pizza doesn’t look bogged down by grease and shitballs like yours and therefore makes you think it looks LESS appetizing. OH and I’m sorry I’m drinking Flavored Sparkling water and that you think it’s funny. Assholes.

Seriously?! Why the hell do people have to bring you down when you’re doing something good? I wanted to scream that this “cardboard” pizza I was eating is one reason why I’ve lost 8 fu****g pounds in a month and why I’m bettering myself and my body for doing so.

Maybe I’m just being overly sensitive on this subject, but I just plain don’t give a rats ass. No, you know what? Maybe I AM sensitive about this. I work my ASS off DAILY in order to reach this fitness goal of mine. I don’t want your stupid pizza!!!

THAT’S what I wanted to yell…..and run away crying like a baby. Frankly, my feelings were hurt.

Just food? Maybe. But to me it’s more than that. It’s my lifestyle choices they’re making fun of.

Now I just can’t WAIT to get the “your so skinny,” you’re too thin,” comments. Can’t. Wait.

Freaking nay-sayers. Get a life.

Am I being overly dramatic? Wait. Don’t answer that…..BUT, do you know where I’m coming from? 


kdbaker05 said...

Most people I am around have gotten used to the way I eat. Some even try to emulate it which is funnier..."look I ordered the same thing as her". But yes, I completely get where you are coming from because my family went through that stage with me, giving me crap for what I was choosing to eat.

Keep up the great work! :D

Jams said...

I hate when people comment on the food I'm eating... period. Whether they think they're making small talk or they think they're being funny...

Don't let them get you all riled up though (unless you can use that as motivation to keep on doing what you're doing). They aren't worth it... Next time just chuckle and think to yourself about how their waistlines will be growing as yours is shrinking! :)

meghan said...

I feel the same way!!! For whatever reason anyone and everyone feels they have the right to comment on what I eat. It truly drives me insane. And since I've become a vegetarian in the past 6 months?? Lord have mercy! These people just won't quit. I feel you girl!

I wouldn't be surprised if they commented because they're JEALOUS that you're taking good care of yourself, which makes them feel insecure about the fact that they AREN'T, which makes them then try to bring you back to where they are so they don't have to feel bad anymore. Don't give them the satisfaction of feeling bad!

You have a lot to be proud of.

Just Jinny said...

People haven't really poked fun at me for my eating habits. you know what I HAVE noticed since I changed my eating habits?

No one invites me to share birthday cake..or cookies..or brownies. I think they assume I'll say no..or they don't want to tempt me. I mean, I MIGHT turn them down and sometimes I don't say no when I should (i.e. tempted), but it would be nice to at least be asked.

RAW said...

^Agree with greatbleuheron. I think people make comments like that to make them feel better about themselves. Normally I make a comment to my healthier friends along the lines of "Wow. I wish I could be as disciplined!" I never heckle, though.

Hey, you're gonna look fab. They'll eat their words :)

Tori said...

It's rude, it's none of their "bidness" (say it in a Salt&Pepa voice) and really... fuck them.

Jenny said...

LOL- Thanks guys.

Jax said...

I TOTALLY hear you! People are just jealous of your ability to stick with something they can't. Seriously. An ice cream truck stopped by my roomie's job and she was too busy to go get anything. The line was long and she was like "whatever." She heard a woman say "Another girl just starving herself." My roomie was SO PISSED. She was like "No, I'm just not waiting in a long ass line to get something that will totally negate my workout later and cost me 5 bucks!" You keep on keepin on! I'm proud of you and those people can suck it.

Alison G said...

Dude. I hear you. It used to be a big problem for me at work, but now it almost helps me stay on track because I have the reputation of being fit/ healthy. I lost 30 lbs and 3-4 pant sizes. You can't tell me it didn't pay off :) Keep up the GREAT WORK!

People can be such haters. Just put those "hater blockers" on and do what you know is best for you!

Lil' Woman said...

Screw them...they're just jealous because they don't have the willpower to make and sustain the choices that you have. That really makes sense to make fun of someone for making RIGHT choices...douchebags.

I can't stand when people are insensitive like that. Insensitive comments are a peeve of mine. Along the lines of "when are you getting married?" I dated a jerk for 4+ years and HATED that one. I know we learn it as children, but everyone (myself included for SURE) needs to remember to watch what comes out of their mouth!!

Veronika said...

don't worry, they are just projecting their own feelings about food onto you! keep doin' what you're doing!

Lunch room drama is super frustrating. I say good for you for putting in such an effort to make a healthy choice. Those bitches are just jealous and probably felt guilty for eating the bad stuff! The other day when I was eating a small portion of rice and a handful of leftover veggies, a coworker turned to me (in front of everyone) and said "so when you have a large lunch like this, do you not eat much for dinner?" I was mortified, so I can't imagine how you felt with 5 women singling you and your food out! Hope you're having a better day today xo

kylieprice said...

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i get that all the time. i just try to ignore it, but sometimes it really gets to me!!

i know its really just because other people feel bad about themselves and it makes them feel insecure when someone is eating and dieting well. (and losing weight!!)

the break room is the WORST. when i was a student, and doing my internship, there was so much CRAP. and they would always pressure me to eat it!! argh.

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