Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Company of the YEAR: Candles By Victoria. Duh.

Look. I know all you ladies like candles. I KNOW you do. If you're a fairly new follower, you've probably missed my two older posts about this company and in that this post and then go getchoo some candles. Oh, and I'm writing this because I want to and I love the company that much....they get all of my Mom and I's extra money...

Candles By Victoria is a company in Texas. Yeah. No big corporate HOO-HAW here, folks. The candle company is owned by none other than Victoria herself and has made a HUGE success via YouTube and the internet. I'm guesstimating I first found out about the company two years ago and have been hooked ever since.

Yankee candle and Bath and Body Works still have some of my business when it comes to candles, but by "some business" I mean to say that I'm probably more likely to buy a candle from Casey Anthony than those two companies...Yeah. I said it. 

I mean, the woman has any candle scent you could EVEN imagine- and I'm still trying new ones each time I order- and STILL getting amazed at how unique each scent can be.

Here's a bulleted list (because I have a feeling you all like organized chaos) of the AWESOMENESS that is this company:

#1: You get a free scent shot with every order. Free? Did someone say free? Sold. Scent shots are little baby samples of wax you melt in a tart warmer. This is the coolest way to determine if you like a scent or not before you splurge on a bigger sized candle. THE way to go for you news out there. You can find those here.
Scent Shot-tastic!

#2: Master Fragrance List love. The list of all the scents she offers. over 600! Check out the list. It's categorized by scent type, so whether you enjoy bakery scents or wanna die when you smell anything floral, there's something for everyone. 

#3: When I call, comment on their Facebook page or e-mail them....I feel like I'm talking to a celebrity. Victoria is ALWAYS so helpful (her entire staff/family is) and sweet. Seriously. Customer service award of LIFE. I think I've had one broken candle my entire time purchasing from them and there were no issues in getting a new one. I've had questions about my orders, new candles, candle scents and all of those questions were answered timely and with care. 

#4: THESE:
These aren't her "regular" candles. These are the E'special ones. ALL of that is wax and yes, they smell SO good. If you prefer to stick with the regular sized candles this is what they look like:

16oz Candles

The candles come in three different sizes and also come in what she calls "Sample Packs"- You can;t go wrong with this. It comes with 6 candles of your choice in your choice of size. I always end up getting the biggest size because I know which ones I love. The price for 6 candles? $70. Seriously. ONE candle at B&B Works is $20 bucks if not MORE. Pshhh. Get a grip B&B Works. (To find these sample packs go to the candles tab on her website, page 2. You'll see 'em)

#5: You've decided you want to order, but are overwhelmed with the amount of scents she offers. I hear it a lot. What I always tell people, FIRST, is to buy scent shots. Just start buying like crazy to try them out. Smart move. SECOND, if you wanna jump right in and buy a bigger size, go with what ya know. If you have a favorite candle at home by some other company, try to find a dupe of that scent on her list. (I can almost guarantee it smells 100% better than the one you currently have.) THIRD, you can always just take my advice and buy from my list of faves:

-Bella Swan
-Edward Cullen (No need to be twilight fan to enjoy these two unique scents!)
-Enchanted Forest
-Whistlin' Dixie
-Bathtime with Pooh (Lush dupe of "Honey I Washed the Kids" soap)
-French Quarter
-Cajun Cornbread
-Raspberry White Chocolate Mocha (A coffee scent with a fruity kick. LOVE)
-Berry Me Alive
-Black Cherry Crumble (YOU can smell the black cherries and the pastry crumble. MMM!!!)
-Hawaiian Dream
-Bahama Mama
-Wood Nymph
-Sexy in Stilettos
-Pumpkin Cheesecake (Amazing.)
-Simply Delicious (PERFECT Fall scent, RIGHT here.)
-Gain Island Fresh (OMG! Fresh, laundry softener smell, hellooo!!!)
-Fresh Laundry (Need I say more?)

In closing, if you were ever thinking of buying or have bought and would like an opinion from moi about something to get yourself, your mom or the hobo that live by your garbage can, lemme know!

I'd love to take a quick snapshot of my candle collection, but I'm not at home. I'll make a note to do so.

Do any of you buy from Victoria?? What's your favorite scent?


mrs.mfc said...

How smart to offer scent shots!! I love that. I'm off to check out her site now. LOOOOVE scented candles!

You are so cute... I really loved reading your blog... fun fun fun... and it made me smile! :)You are now entered in our Blogging For CBV contest for September.. thank you again sweetie.. you are the best!

Big hugs!!
Victoria xoxo

Steph said...

hey i was on her website and i was going to get some of the edward and bella and for the scent shots and i can't find them??

Jenny said...

Steph- I emailed you! They're on the list...kinda hard to find :) There are so many scents!

great site and the shots are perfect !!! thanks for sharing

Tea Joeli said...

Love your blog:)

I can't let my BF see this - he is a closet candle whore. He likes the "ambiance" of candlelight and enjoys the soothing light fragrance. Ever see a grown-ass man play Call of Duty by the light of apple-scented candles?

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