Thursday, August 25, 2011

Insanity Update

I realized this morning it's been awhile since my last Insanity Workout update thing. it is. No vlog again. I know. I suck. I haven't recorded myself since because by the 4th day of Month 1 I ended up only working out in my sports bra and shorts because I just got so hot doing the damn workout. And you do NOT need to see my stomach hanging out, mmmkay?

I started Month 2 maybe a week ago. I've missed about 3 or 4 workouts. Yikes. Needless to say the scale hasn't budged. I've been busy, so I won't beat myself, no weight gain, and I've continued eating well (remember that work pizza incident? haha Yeah.).

Also, if you wanna know something weird, I keep thinking that Month 1 DVDs were harder.....what? Is that possible? Am I THAT conditioned now? I doubt it. I just feel like there's more strength moves (push-ups, squats, etc.) and although I'm a big lover of all things strength and muscle building, I miss that high-intensity cardio. The cardio is THERE and yes, I still stop on some moves, but it's mainly the push-up moves. ugh. I kinda wanna go back to Month 1, but only because I felt that gave me a better workout.

*sigh* I'm just a freak. Yeah, that's all there is to it.

So, as of right now I'm trying to find my groove with this month's DVDs. I only hve 3.5 more weeks and I can say I'm an Insanity Graduate! Come on Jenny...Let's get this shit in gear here~!@!@owudjuodsahvp sn9vu8eute v'pter

I meant to do that.


Alison G said...

Woooo! Go Insanity! You think month 1 is harder?! You're awesome. I stupidly tweaked my back right after my last Insanity workout so apparently I'm going to wait to restart the program until my body decides it's okay... lame sauce. But congrats on getting closer to the end! :)

Jenny said...

I KNOW!! Am I a freak or what, Alison?!?!

"Am I THAT conditioned now?" LOL I know what you mean - I feel that way about Shred and know it's not because i'm that conditioned! LOL

Keep up the great work!!

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