Friday, August 26, 2011

I mack the dudes up, back coupes up and chuck the deuce up....

It's friggin' Friday!

Words (oops. Still on Large letter font...Excuse me..)...Anyway, as I was saying. Words can't describe how happy I am it's the weekend. For serious.

I'm hanging out with a really good friend of mine and some of our other friends as a Skydiving Dropzone, otherwise known as a DZ. Really, the DZ is just a big building where you go skydiving and people are packing parachutes and shit. It's a fun time, especially if you're jumping. A few of my friends skydive on their own with no guy to pull their cord and they want me to learn this too. Would you be surprised to know it only takes you 6 hours of ground training before they let you jump out on your OWN. Yeah, what the what? I'd actually like to do it, but it costs $1,100. Not too much, but I think I'd rather spend that on something superficial like the things below:

Sam Edelman Lorissa Spiked Pumps
Getchoo some spike pumps! Yessss. I love those. 
I want some before The Foo Fighters concert in November.

Insanity Workout Update: I took my 45 Day photos and can definitely tell a difference from the first set of photos 45 days ago- but I'm not satisfied. As women, are we ever? Have I regained some of my sexy confidence? HELL to the yes...... In my mind, I have a long way to go, but I can also say I'm damn proud of what I've accomplished in ONE month. Plus I still have another month to go in this round...then it's starting allll over. This time, I'll be more prepared to push harder, jump higher and dig deeper.

Have a good weekend y'all.

Look at jacked up Britney. I kinda miss her. haha


Alison G said...

I would so rather have those shoes, too. I keep hoping for a box of money to show up so I can buy Louboutins. It hasn't happened yet...

LOVE those shoes! So glad it's Friday!

love those shoes!! have a great weekend. good job on the insanity!

baileypup said...

Hi there...I've been caught perusing your blog at work but I always say in the name of fashion you'll do anything. I've been stalkign these shoes at Nordies for the past month and they are soo beautiful.

You said you're going to the Foo Fighters concert in Nov. I'm going to presume that you're talking about the one at MSG b/c I too will be there. Perhaps I'll get to see you :)

Veronika said...

I'm pretty sure I cried when I saw those Britney shaved head pics for the first time...lest we forget...

Kish said...

You crack me up!!!!!
Congratulations on your 45 days of success!

oh brit brit - she really did lose her shit, right? Did she ever even attempt to explain that insanity?

And speaking of insanity (great segue!) GREAT JOB!!

Sandra said...

You certainly are a pretty your header.
As for those shoes, if you can stand in them throughout an entire concert, then the Foo Fighters themselves should be buying you the damn things! :)

lol! new follower of you! :)
the bald britney...hahaha!

I miss jacked up Britney too!! She was the queen on jank.

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