Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Attention...I'm selling this dress.

I've listed this dress below on e-bay. No bids yet, so for all my blogging ladies, if you're interested in the dress let me know and I'll end the listing and sell it to you for $25 shipped. WOO!!! It's a cute dress- I just need this closet purge, mmkay? E-mail me at jstripling9 (at) gmail (dot) com if interested!!

It's been worn once
Size 12
Trapeze Halter Dress
Bought from Dillards or Macy's (Can't remember which)
One button closure on the halter neck

See? I wore it on my birthday one year- that makes it super awesome!!!


Liz B said...

Purge some more! You need to do a blog sale. I love your taste. Often when you post outfits/dresses I go buy them bc I know they will look fab.

Lil' Woman said...

Very cute!
I just purged my closet too....felt good.

Rach said...

Um you are gorgeous.

Jenny said...

I wish I could purge more, but I honestly don't have anything else good to purge- I love everything I have. Sad. Because I could really use some extra money to buy more new clothes I don't need. lol

SHANNON said...

pretty dress! good luck!

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