Friday, August 12, 2011

I'm having a Barbie/Teen flashback

This morning all I've been doing is looking up toys from the 80s/90s. Most of my findings have now turned to all shit Barbie and looking at all the Barbie stuff I've come to realization that my only-child self was spoiled as hell.

Did you have any of these?

Lady Lovely Locks- The dolls came with little colored hair clips. The clip was a little animal of some sort. LOVED these! I can remember playing with the big set-up shown below on a Saturday morning while my parents played music. LOVE.

Sassy magazine?!?!? OMG.

Precious Places- You bought different little parts and made a big town! It came with a magnet key so you could move the pieces around from underneath. LOVED these!!
Sweet Secrets- I LOVED these weird little doll, compartment things.

McDonald's Happy meal Barbie toy-One of many barbie toys from McDonald's. You could snap her outfits on and off with these.

THE Barbie hot dog stand- HELLO!!? Who didn't love these??

 Barbie Dream House- Who didn't have this? Shoot, I had TWO in my life. 

One Christmas I remember I opened so many presents, got some really cool stuff, but this Barbie Heart Family Playground was my fave. 

Happy Friday peeps!


I still have my Sweet Secrets! I have a purple star that turns into a pony - it is in my dresser somewhere right now!

My dad is such a de-clutter freak that pretty much as soon as I stopped playing with my toys, they disappeared. I wasn't a huge Barbie fan, but I still miss my Jem doll and all my She-Ras.

I also collected those plastic Furbies that McDonalds was giving away YEARS ago. I have an entire sack of them - and of course, of all my toys, my dad has held onto that for me. But (once again) my She-Ras are gone!

tara said...

I had the barbie dream house and it was AWESOME!

Morgan said...

I loved Polly Pockets and while I didn't have the hot dog stand I did have the hamburger stand! Oh Barbie... we loved you, we wanted to be you! Thanks for the trip down memory lane!

I still have my Sweet Secrets too. Check out this site of 80's toys, it makes my day when I look at it.

Kathleen said...

I had some Sweet Secrets: definitely the pic you posted, but maybe another one too.

I never got any of the special Barbie dreamhouse gear. We had this huge wooden dollhouse that had six rooms in it that we decorated for our Barbie to live in. We had a red Corvette for Ken. And beyond that, I mostly just like playing dress-up and pretending that my Barbies were members of the Baby Sitters Club! LOL

Misty Lynn said...

My little sister had that Sweet Secret. I had the three story Barbie townhouse with a elevator instead of the dream house that everyone else had...good times that I now relive with my daughters.

Robin said...

I looooved The Heart Family!!

I had a bunch of Polly Pockets and various Barbies, including the McD ones! So cool! Nice trip down memory lane!

Lil' Woman said...

That Barbie Dreamhouse was the truth back in the day....I coveted my best friends'.

Val Fox said...

I had that exact barbie toy from McDonald's! Talk about flashback!

Just Jinny said...

OMG..shut up! I loved Lady Lovely Locks! Years ago, I was trying to remember her name, Lady Lovely Locks, but could NOT think of it. I was trying to explain the cartoon to a friend and do you know how crazy I sounded?!

'Yeah, she is this princess with really long hair and has THINGS living in it..with colorful tails?'

How epic is this blog entry!!!! I wish the pictures never ended haha. Does anyone remember Work out Barbie that came with the tape?!?!?! I played that tape so much when I was a kid that it broke. Good memories! :)

Heather said...

I did a post similar to this one this past week and it was such a walk down memory lane! Seriously, they don't make toys like they used to.

I loved anything Barbie, especially the dream was the shiz.

meghan said...

OMG! Lady Lovely Locks and Sweet Secrets!!!!! I LOVED those. BEST POST EVER.

Natasha said...

OMG Jenny....this post is too funny. What a great trip down memory lane. I had tons of Barbies and I think that mom saved a few of them for me. I never had a Barbie Dream House though...I always wanted one. I also had the same Sweet Secret...I almost forgot about these. Thanks for the memories.

Blossom said...

Oh how I loved all my Barbie stuff! I had the three-storey house with the elevator, and a super cool kitchen (not included) with all the furnishings and food. I also had the Barbie McDonalds, and a corvette...oh I played for hours! Wish I still had it would be worth something now!

Robin said...

hahaha I had Lady Lovely Locks AND her purple horse AND a precious places house- not that one pictured, though. I also remember Sassy magazine, and I had Sweet Secrets. I never had a barbie dream house, though :( My grandpa made me a dollhouse, which was cool

REBrown said...

My parents found our old Polly Pockets the other day. Good times!

i used to LOVE lady lovelylocks!! i had a book from the book fair in school about her and all her friends, plus the evil lady that really had the best hair.

Kelly said...

Those are all great memory flashbacks but I gotta say... the last Heart Family Playground is the best. I didn't have one but I LOOOVE how Barbie and Ken are in their best formal to play with the kiddos in the park. Bahaha!

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