Monday, June 13, 2011

Monday Randoms- Pretty Images


Happy Monday.

Somehow, I arrived at work 25 minutes early. It usually happens that I'm RIGHT on time because I'm a mom to two Chihuahua's and they are VERY...very needy. haha

How was everyone's weekend? I don't think mine could have gotten more uneventful.

OH! I mowed the dry-dead-like hay/weeds grass. A job that usually takes an hour or so only took me 20 minutes because all that was there to mow down were some rouge weeds and dead patches. *sigh* never claimed to be a yard person, mmkay? I kinda wish I was, but frankly the Alabama humidity is just too much for me to stand.

Let's talk about something fun and pretty, instead of yard work....such as the photos below. I'll leave you with that. Come back tomorrow. Maybe I'll be more entertaining!

What!? This isn't practical, you say? I say, I want it!

Yeah. I'd like to see you try THIS during an Alabama summer...Pshhh..

My owl obsession


Man. I heart Peonies.

Where you goin' lady?? Can I come?


Such pretty pictures! I want to go where dressy lady is going and who doesn't want pink retro appliances??! Austin would be like that's not good for resale. Ugh - boys don't get dreaming! haha

great pics! and how amazing does that cookie batter look haha

REBrown said...

That cookie batter looks delish!

Thank you for your comment! I LOVE peonies! They were my bridal bouquet =)


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