Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Foundation Fixation....Boo ya!

Yeah, I had no better title.

I haven't written a beauty blog since Reagan was Prez. It's about time.

I stumbled upon this AMAZING nifty chart on Temptalia.

It's pretty much the most accurate, coolest invention on Earth.

On a daily basis I wear one of these two foundations:

Cover FX Natural- Color M-60

Make-up Forever Mat Velvet- Color #45
Most recently, the Cover FX. When my lovah Mat Velvet ran out, it's the only thing I had besides this:

MAC Studio Fix Fluid- Color NC40

.....and the MAC foundation is just too much for me to wear daily. Hands down it's my favorite for full coverage/going-out/looking super-hot, but yep...it's heavy.

So...found that foundation color-matcher chart today and to determine how accurate it was I compared my MAC color to the other two brands I use...Perfect matches. Good job Sephora and MAC peeps...good job.

I've been reading up on Estee Lauder's Double Wear foundation. According to this chart, I'd need Tawny or Wheat.....Wheat is scary y'all. haha. I think tawny is the one I'll try

Everyone who uses it seems to love the coverage and end result. I'm thinking of trying that in place of my MAC Studio Fix.

What do you ladies think?
1. Do you use different foundations for different times of the day/events, etc.

2. Have you ever used Estee Lauder's Double Wear?
Let me know your thoughts!


Hello my dear! It has been a while since I've commented. I used Estee Lauder Double Wear for YEARS! They've tweeked the formula a bit and I tried a sample of it again a year ago and found it too heavy for me now.

I used to have really persistant acne so my doctor had me on a prescription med that made my face super shiny - foundation just slid right off. I finally tried the double wear after I saw that it advertised as an 18 hour long wearing foundation and it really was the ONLY one that could stay on my oily skin. I used the Estee Lauder powder and concealer with it and it stayed on all day. It is a medium cover foundation but probably the fullest coverage I've ever used...it did a good job covering the redness. I stopped using it in college when my doctor took me off the med (because thankfully my skin decided to clear up!) After that I've mostly used light coverage foundation but if I had oily skin or ran a lot of errands in this Southern heat and humidity I know that this one is a star performer. It was one of the only foundations I tried that didn't oxidize and turn orange on me. I've had good luck with some foundations since then, I'm using the MUFE mat velvet now. But I wouldn't hesitate to buy this again - I wore the second lightest shade when I purchased it. The counter will give you a 10 day sample in a little bottle - give it a go!

Jenny said...

Hey girl! Thanks for the input- very helpful!

I actually am having almost the identical problem! I talked to my friend the other day who is a professional makeup artist and she said a lot of girls who love MAC but are starting to get mid to late twenties and are looking for a slightly less heavy foundation are turning to Dior Liquid Skin.

Blossom said...

I vascilate between mineral foundations and liquids. Currently I'm using (and loving) MakeUp Forever High Definition foundation and powder. And I'm loving Smashbox Camera Ready Concealer. Never tried the Estee Lauder but my mom's used it for years and loves it.

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