Monday, May 2, 2011

Hey. Is this thing on?


I've been gone for a long time. Just haven't had motivation. But I was wondering what's new with all of you, whom I'm not friends on Facebook with? Not that you're any less important if I'm not, but...well....OK I guess you are....

Sike! Just kidding. I miss hearing from ALL of you so much! Ashley, Liz, etc. etc.

This past week has been CRAZY. CRAZY. CRAZY! Tornadoes here in Alabama, accidents here at work, bachelorette parties in NOLA and a wedding I'm in this weekend. I feel like it'll never stop, but it will. Just taking everything in stride.

So, yeah- let me know how you are in the comments. :)


Wow busy lady! I hope you and yours were all okay in the storm - scary stuff. Not much new here - just same old cooking, working out, running around with Austin and the puppers! :) Loving being an aunt - that's still kinda new right?!

Liz B said...

Yay! I check your blog everyday! Glad to see you're back, even if for just a bit. I miss your wit and sarcasm!

gigiofca said...

The blog world continues on. Good to see you post. I'm ok. Bracing for our 'heatwave,' of 88 degrees this week. :)

Sportsgirl said...

Hey nice to see a post from you. I was just wondering about you the other day!

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