Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Don't tell anyone I did this for a few hours today....

.....and by "this" I mean construct a collage of what I want my wedding colors to be. Am I getting married soon, you ask? No. Not ANYTIME soon, seeing as how I'm not even remotely dating anyone, but I know whatI like and I wanted to put it down somewhere.

It's not my best, most cutesy collage by any means, but you should get the gist from this jumbled mess. Blues, grays, pinks are in the cards, my friends. I love the scheme. It's so chic yet the pink makes it playful. LOVE!! So, yeah. That's what I did today...what did YOU do?


you are not alone...i do this on a weekly basis. i was just looking at wedding blogs when i saw your post up on google reader! funny thing is, i am leaning towards pink and navy as well, and have that exact same striped tie in my inspiration file :)

Jenny said...

AWESOME! lol. So glad I'm NOT alone...but you may be closer to marriage than I?!

Navy Blue and pink are the main colors I love, but that dove gray is so pretty and classy. And I love the cameo colored tuxes for the dudes :)

Natasha said...

I do this often too Jenny. I'm more obsessed with finding the right wedding dress. I'm leaving it up to my sisters to find the right dress for them. I'm leaning towards kelly green or lavender for my colors depending on my wedding date. And I'm in the same boat wedding any time soon.

Veronika said...

i still frequent wedding websites 2 yrs after my wedding, this isn't weird at all!

Kathleen said...

Haha too funny. I got married four years ago and still watch Say Yes to the Dress obsessively in search of my dream dress (I'm still not convinced I actually got married in mine). Oh and for the record, I thought I had my colors all picked out too and then when I went dress shopping with my bridesmaids, they totally overruled me. :P

Oh I love that cake! So pretty and perfect :)

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