Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Statement necklace from Stella & Dot

Ohhhh how I love me a statement piece of jewelry!

I just had to share this beauty from Stella & Dot's new Spring/Summer 2011 line that came out last month.

Bamboleo Necklace
GORGEOUS color combo! Love this necklace, but not enough to pay $250 bucks. Eek!!


Jenny said...

I just realized the necklace colors match my BLOG's colors. LOL. Makes sense, no?

mrs.mfc said...

Oh that is pretty!!

Ashley said...

oh, that is PERFECT! Everything I ever love from Stella and Dot is super spendy - I never like the necklaces that are $40!

Anonymous said...

I bet you could easily re-create that in a DIY!

Kathleen said...

That is awesome! You pick out the greatest stuff that I instantly fall in love with!

I heart statement jewelery too but WOWZA - that's quite a sticker!

Heather said...

Seriously, I'm in LOVE with this necklace too. I, however, almost had a mini-stroke when I seen the price. Holy Jesus.

karlee123 said...

Hey gals! You are all so right--that necklace is FAB-U-LOUS!!! And pricey it is, HOWEVER it is hand-woven, is made of high-quality everything, and takes 4 hours to make. At least you know you're paying for quality, right? Did you know that if you host a Stella & Dot Trunk Show you could get this necklace (and more) for free? Really. I'm a Stylist with Stella & Dot and can tell you that our average hostess earns $250 in free jewelry plus 50% on additional items. If any of you are in the Memphis/Nashville area or are in Northern California or Utah I can personally do your show or hook you up with another fabulous Stylist. Check out the rest of the jewelry here~ and message me with any questions. FYI, Stella & Dot jewelry has been featured in InStyle magazine 81 times (this necklace included)! It's legit, ladies! :-) Happy shopping!

Great blog, Jenny! And your little Brady is SOO cute!

Karlee Hickman
Stella & Dot Memphis

April said...

Psst...go on eBay!!! I saw this necklace on there for close to nothin!! Seriously! :)

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