Tuesday, March 1, 2011

I feel like Charlie Sheen!!! Oh, and Spicy Thai Chicken...

Apparently, according to his 20/20 interview tonight, "Crazo Sheen" claims he's always had bouts of insomnia his whole life...I feel your pain, Crazy. These past few nights have been horrible sleeping nights for me- Usually I'm relaxed, ready for bed and sleep happily until my alarm goes off. The craziest thing is although I'm sleepy during the day I've had enough energy to sustain my workouts after work...

Wow. I haven't composed a post of substance (not that will be one) in so long. I truly wish I had more I'd like to talk about, ladies, but I've just hit a big blogging bump in the road. : ) You understand.

The Lilly Pulitzer Anders Dress in Booty Caw Caw print made it safely into my grubby hands last weekend- It's gorgeous! Even more gorgeous in person! So happy I spent the money (SALE!). It'll be a wonderful Spring/Summer dress! I promise to post photos the very first time I wear it!

Speaking of Spring inventory- Anthropologie has been less than orgasmic in THAT department. Hell, its been that way for months for me with them...I've stuck to my New Year's Resolution of only buying ONE item per month from them. I think I may have bought one item since 2011 started.

My wallet is slightly thicker ;)

{What are your current Spring Fashion obsessions?} Please share- I'd love to see and steal all of your ideas. LOL. Kidding.

Lately I've been contacted to host several giveaways on my blog- as as much as I don't want my blog to be nothing BUT giveaways.....uhm...hey...it's free stuff for you people. Enjoy it!

Before I leave for what is sure to be another few days hiatus from me- I wanted to share an off-THE-chain clean eating recipe I made last night. Holy crap, it was delicious! I recommend it 100%! Spicy Thai Chicken with Mango Citrus Salsa

P.S. Bob Harper kicked my ASS tonight. God, I love that man and the way my arms and butt feel the next day...


gigiofca said...

Read your p.s. out loud. *lol*

I understand the blogging bump. Don't trip. It's nice to just show up every once & awhile. Didn't catch Shining Sheen on TV. I would agree that he's in a manic phase and/or on something. Yikers!

I have felt your pain about blogging. It OK though. Just don't try to force anything, and you'll be fine.

I also feel you about about Anthro. It's either them, or it's me -- probably both.

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