Friday, February 25, 2011

Not So Slacker Friday: Favorite body part to work?

This week's fitness post asks the question: What's your favorite/least favorite body part to work on? Also my review of Bob's 66 minute Super Strength Workout! WOO!!

Personally, I love my legs and love working out my legs. I see results here first, so naturally. I also find it VERY tough to get my legs burning unless I do a tremendous amount of an exercise.

My legs are powerful so I enjoy squats, jump squats, hold squats, wall get the idea. This all while holding an 8 or 10 pound weight. Anything that will make me have to fall on the toilet the next day....ya feel me? haha. P90X Legs DVD definitely doesn't disappoint me.

Plus...I don't have much of a butt. Sure, it's there, but even at my fittest it wasn't as round as I wanted. This time around, I'm concentrating on those glute muscles, my friends.

  (Yes, I dream of having legs/butts similar to these from Oxygen Magazine)

That being said- betcha can't guess what my least favorite body part to work is......

 (This hooch obviously isn't working her biceps hard enough if she's cheesin' like THAT....)

Overall, I'm pretty strong for a woman.....but if we're gonna delve into fitness a little further, I'm a weakling. I can't do more than 5 real push-ups before I crumple in a heap on the floor with my tongue hanging out. Ouch. Arm work hurts like hell- I don't know how you ladies do it.

So if you strength train, what's your favorite/least favorite body part to work and why?

Bob, Bob, Bob. What a workout. I finally finished the 66 minute strength workout on the DVD I bought two weeks ago. Amazing! I was so pleased!

First of all, Bob is freaking amazingly motivating. When he yelled to "push" or "go harder," I listened- which is rare. Usually I'm like "Screw you," get some water and sit on the couch while I watch the poor crew on TV struggle through those push-ups. haa!

Speaking of the crew, his back-up peeps were just as awesome. They were struggling and I like that! lol. They were all very fit, but could tell this wasn't a sissy workout. They were breathing hard, faces twisting in weird expressions trying to get in those last two reps. That's what I like to see! Glad to see someone busting their ass right along with me.

One of the women, Helen, is a MACHINE! She's strong as crap.

Helen. I bow to you.

Oh, so yeah. The workout was a total of 66 minutes and was Total Body. It's a change from the P90X DVDs which focus on one body part per DVD. Bob's workout was REALLY fast paced. I was eyeballing the clock and at 15:00 minutes in I was wondering why I was sore already!

There were two (official) water breaks throughout the entire workout! TWO. Yeesh. It was constant moving to keep that heart rate up. We did tons of combo arm moves (side and front raises) and lots of squats and holding that squat.

Here's the ENTIRE breakdown, in case you were wondering:
Squats with weights
Bicep curl to shoulder press
Squats w/ weights - increase speed, then hold
Down & Outs - add push up
Pushups then go halfway down - hold
Bicep curl w/ shoulder press
Down & Outs - pushups
Fast Shoulder presses then hold
Back Rows - then pulses
Right leg in front - bent over rows
Arm Raise Combo - Front, Side, and Posterier pinky up side
Hold arms out to side - 3x
Left leg in front - bent over rows
Arm Raise Combo
Holding one weight only - lunge forward
Pass weight under leg, back & forth
Bent over (squat) single arm fly - working deltoid
Repeat on opposite leg, and opposite single arm fly
Alternating lunges, then lunge jumps
Bicep Curls
Squat position w/ elbows right above knees - little bicep curls
Tricep Extensions
Skull Crushers
Chest press (keep elbows close to focus on triceps)
Crunches - regular crunches, crunches with arms reaching out to sides of legs - then pulse, arms back behind head & raise one leg (knees at same heigth), switch legs while continuing to crunch, then both legs up
Single leg (balance) while doing hammer curls, switch legs continue with curls
Supination Extensions - forward extensions & side extensions, then squat down & do side supination extensions. OUCH.
Continue in squat position, put arms down...hold, then weighted jump squats, finish the burn with more weighted chair squat!
Tricep Extensions
Floor - Skull Crushers, Chest Press, Crunches w/ legs extended
Roll over to Plank position for Weighted Plank Rows
Weighted T-Stands - pushup w/ T-stand, T-stand each side, then pushups w/ T-stand again
Hold Plank Position
Stand up begin Matrix Lunges
Matrix Lunges (holding one weight) - lunge forward, lunge side, lunge back
Standing Weighted Pullovers
Matrix Lunges on other leg
Iso Arms - hold arm straight out, then arm out to side palm down, front, side...repeat iso arm other side
On floor in plank position on forearms. Raise/lower hips, then twist hips side to side for twisting plank
Press up to straight plank, back down on elbows, up, down, up, down, up..really it is torture
Side Knee Plank - bring knee to elbow, other side, then go really fast!

The cool down stretches weren't very long lasting, so I'd do a few more after- just in case. Don't wanna lose an arm or anything do we? No. 

Overall? A+ for the long workout on the DVD.
Weekly Workouts:
Monday, February 21- Bob Harper's Super Strength DVD (66 minutes)

Tuesday, February 22- REST

Wednesday, February 23- 40 minutes of cardio on treadmill. Jog/run

Thursday, February 24- Bob Harper's Super Strength DVD (66 minutes)

Friday, February 25- REST


Genesis said...

i only dislike working on my legs because the following day my knee feels like itll explode. my fave part to workout are my arms. i want me some 22's yo! eew, gross. lol. but I do want muscle there.

ive given up on my abs because theres just too much "extra skin" there ;)

Anonymous said...

holy.mother.of.pearl, woman. WHAT are you thinking? please don't die. I love you too much!!!

and I hate working out every part of my body but my mouth.

Veronika said...

my fave is legs and abs and least favorite is push ups, like you! I suck at them---i can do other arm stuff but pushups kill me---i still do them on my knees.

Elz said...

I don't dislike anything really (not that its not hard, but I don't mind). I try to work out everything, but probably concentrate most on abs, arms, butt. Gotta target those areas!

meghan said...

I'm so with you on that, love working my legs (well, as much as I can love working anything on my body) and I hate anything upper body. My upper body is a wimp. I just ordered Bob's workout because you're the 3rd person who's said it's good and I'm over my Jillian one. Thanks for the recommendation!

Tiffany said...

I would stop eating all together if I could have an ass like those women! HAHA...I've always wondered if working out would help my flat tush!

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