Monday, February 21, 2011

I spoke too soon- which happens quite often...

THE dress. I found it.

After seeing it had sold out online, as you all may have read just a few hours ago, and accusing all of you for going out and sabotaging my purchase of the ONLY Lilly dress I've ever really loved....I found it.

I called their customer service and the lovely Emily found the last one in my size at a store! it's being shipped to me.

The BEST part of all this is not that I even found one- it's the price. Online it's still $248 was on sale for $139!! Seriously?!?! Seriously. I am so excited. SO.


Aw, congrats on finding your dress, girl! It is lovely - and I can't wait to see you rock it! I kind of love it myself!

Miss K said...

very cute! perfect for summer!

Jessica said...

I'm so glad you found it! It's super cute! If I lived closer I'd have to borrow it! Haha.

Ashley J said...

Yay, congrats on finding your cute Lilly dress!! I cannot wait to see you rocking it!

Oh my goodness!! Such a beautiful dress :) So happy you were able to score it and the last one in your size too. Yay for that! xo

Mikaela said...

that dress is beautiful, it will so beautiful on you.

Anonymous said...

That is a fantastic dress, and on sale too! I want to see IRL on you soon!

Veronika said...

i absolutely love it.

Jax said...

OHMYGOSH adorable dress and FABULOUS deal!! Hell yes!!! :)

Haha, yay for getting the dress! It's gorgeous. I was admiring it in your former blog post, but I promise I didn't snipe it from under you ;) And even more yay for getting it on sale ;)

IT'S BEAUTIFUL!! eeee so glad you found it!

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