Friday, February 4, 2011

Not So Slacker Friday: Bob Harper's Inside Out Method + Weekly Workouts

{Oh, Bob. Please tell me if you're gay or not. I think you're dead sexy and would like to know I have a chance?}
Uhm. Oh. Hi.

Jumping right in..How were everyone's healthy eating and workouts this week?? Any plans to keep it moving this WEEKEND? I know it's Superbowl and all, but my Pats aren't playing so I don't care.

I purchased Bob's, best known as trainer from Biggest Loser, Inside Out Method: Super Strength DVD since Tony Horton (P90X) has been getting irritating lately.

The DVD has two different workouts. One is the hour long super strength workout. The second, a 20 minute beginner workout. I was very sleepy and OUT. OF. IT. after work today, so I opted for the short workout. It's only beginner if you use light weights- but it IS short and basic.

The moves hit every major muscle. Biceps, triceps, legs, back, shoulders abs and chest.

Grade? A. I really liked it. I liked Bob's demeanor and the fact that the people working with him were fit, but not so super fit that it felt motivating and unattainable to "look like these folks." I can't wait to jump into the hour long workout- I watched it the other day and they did squat down, then jump back on your toes and do a push-up then come back up. Yeah. I think it's gonna be tough.
Jenny's Weekly Workouts {SUCKED!}: 
Saturday, January 29- Nothing
In my defense I hosted a Jewelry know where people come over and buy shit from you? I got $145 in free stuff, so not too shabby. As far as I'm concerned I'm excused.

Sunday, January 30- 3.3 mile BRISK walk
Love the running/walking trail in my local city. It was chilly, but a nice heavy breathing walk.

Monday, January 31- Nothing
I know. I'm such a biotch.

Tuesday, February 1- Nothing
.....treadmill? Weights? What are those?

Wednesday, February 2- 30 minute jog on Treadmill
Gheesh. What a week! FINALLY I got my workout in. It was short and sweet but my body was greatful for the return of being active.

Thursday, February 3- Good 'ole Bob's Strength DVD, 30 minute workout
See review above.

Friday, February 4- Nothing.
I'm going out of town to visit my dearest friend, Marion this weekend! It'll be a weekend of fun and debauchery I assure you...Saturday we have an awesome bootcamp type workout planned, so I'll be getting in my workout even on the road.

Review on the hour long Bob Harper Strength workout next Friday perhaps- or music I workout to- I can't decide which.....
Have a great weekend and remember not to lose focus on your health and fitness goals just because it's the weekend : ) BUT, take time to have fun and have that extra glass of wine- I know I will!


Anonymous said...

I LOVE this series you started!! Have fun this weekend! xoxo

Heather said...

Love this. I can say I honestly only worked out twice this week. I just didn't have any motivation. And I'm defanitely not working out today (my birthday). Hopefully next week will go better. Have a great weekend get away

Sportsgirl said...

Hey, you did better than me; I didn't work out at all this week! :-/

RAW said...

Does the video require purchasing a lot of weight equipment? I purchased Chalean extreme, but I haven't started it yet because I'll have to spend around $200 on weights.

Eh, I was in Miami all of last week, so I didn't work out at all. Instead, I stuffed my face with food :)

REBrown said...

I'm a big Bob fan too. I've tried a few of his DVDs and they are always challenging, but not too challenging where you feel like giving up.

Elz said...

I've never tried Bob's workouts. But, Jillian's DVDs kick ass! Good luck.

Melissa said...

I also think Bob is wwwwway sexy. But I do think he's gay. (boo)

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