Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Anthropologie Sweeping Stitch Heels are MINE!

I had stalked the Sweeping Stitch Heels by Seychelles shoes for MONTHS. They finally went on sale for $60 and quickly SOLD OUT. Naturally.

Being the smart shopper I am I left it on my Anthro wishlist until they hopefully popped back up in stock. This indeed happened-THREE times. TWICE my order was canceled because some other hooch got to them first (Yes. I called you a hooch whoever you are....), but the third time...Ah...yes....the third time was the charm and now they're on their way to me. This makes me happy and I thought you all should know. to wear them...

Work has been EXTREMELY busy for me this week. I'm pretty sure I don't think very often because after thinking so hard this brain is about to EXPLODE!

I doubt I'll talk to you ladies tomorrow, but check back Friday for the "Not So Slacker Friday" series! Happy Humping Day...I mean Hump Day. Whatever. ;)


Ashley J said...

Those heels are amazing! I just bought a brighter looking teal pair from Urban Outfitters so maybe we can help each other out with styling tips???

gigiofca said...

ooooh yeah, those are awesome!! way to stalk it out ;-)

Elz said...

Cute! Love them. I never get popbacks. AUGH!

Dea said...

Woohoo, thank goodness for the wishlist! I remember you scoping these beauties a while back so I'm glad you scored!

Grave said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
REBrown said...

I love love love these!

oh they are FABULOUS - and great price too. What statement shoe- love that you could do brown, black or gray!

Kelly said...

Yay!! I remember you posting about those heels, SOOOO glad you snagged them! What a statement piece (in shoes!) So awesome and so cute :-D

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