Monday, January 24, 2011

My attempt at a weekly blog feature post.....

I've tried several times to commit to discussing a specific topic on my blog, but FAIL. And that's.....OK (Channeling Stuart Smalley from SNL here...I hope to God you guys know who I speak of...)

I'm a multi-faceted human being, but one feature I would really like to have on a regular basis is something I have coined "Not So Slacker Friday." 

After being a complete waste of space this holiday season and not working out regularly and eating whatever I felt like shoveling in my mouth at the time- I have a fresh, new breath of fitness in me. I'm ready to move again and have so much to look forward to (It only took me a month to realize, right?) this year.

"Not So Slacker Friday" is my way of rehashing my week in fitness/health. I don't usually feel like talking about my workouts, eating DAILY, so once a week is fine by me. A day where, usually, people wanna get lazy for the weekend. Nu-uh. Hopefully it'll make you want to move it MORE on the weekends.

This Friday I plan to have photos of what my typical daily meals will be like for the next few months as I jump start my body back into fat-burning-healthy mode. Also, my workouts for the week along with my "feelings" on the week's workouts...because let's face it...we all wanna talk about our feelings. haha!

It feels good to be (slightly) back in blogging mode...


This is a cute idea! I'm looking forward to reading it:)

Sara said...

Love it! Great idea. It's a great way to hold yourself accountable. Can't wait to read it on Friday!

Robin said...

so glad you're back...and I really need some motivation, I have been slacking hardcore. Motivate me!!!

I LOVE LOVE LOVE that picture! Looking forward to the new feature, missy!

Pamela said...

Great idea. I find myself really letting go as the weekend approaches and this will be a great reminder to keep up the healthy eating and working out THROUGH the weekend. Sometimes just a little boost by reading someone else's progress is all a person needs to recharge and keep going!

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