Thursday, October 14, 2010

Who loves live music??


Starting at noon tomorrow I will be on my way to Pensacola, FL for a fun filled weekend of live music- MY FAVORITE hobby!

Better Than Ezra will be playing Saturday. That's all that TRULY matters in this entire situation...But...some other bands that will be rocking my ass off:

Stone Temple Pilots
Neon Trees

But what do you wear to a concert on the beach?? I don't know....I don't havebeachy clothing. I don;'t really have comfortable middle of the road clothes. I either have t-shirt and jeans or dressier, cuter stuff. Plus, with the wacky weather of 80s in the day, yet a chilly breeze from the gulf- how do you work around this?

Everyone have a fun weekend! See you on the flip side!


Cindi said...

Ooh have fun!!! It sounds like such a relaxing time. I normally have flowey dresses I wear to the beach that I got from Old Navy or in Hawaii as cover ups. And if I know it's going to be chilli at night, I bring a cardigan with me in my tote. :)

megan said...

Long dress with a cardigan if it gets chilly at night?

Anonymous said...

I'm with Megan- a brightly colored maxi dress with a contrasting cardigan in the same family- like a teal maxi with royal blue or navy cardigan. :) And sandals, of course! It's the beach!

And I love of those bands. SUPER JEALOUS.

Copyboy said...

WOW!! I feel so good!!! I knew half those groups.
I assume bikini is a stupid suggestion based on the other comments. I should get points 'cause I'm a male.

Robin said...

BUSH?!?!? My friends and I were OBSESSED with Bush in middle school. My best friend was in love with Gavin Rossdale. I didn't know they still performed. I'm totally jealous. Not so much with the other bands, though. Maybe STP. My favorite song used to be BTE's "Good".

Kelly said...

Omigosh, I would be all over 311 and Better than Ezra. Wow, WHAT a concert!! Have a great time :-D

Elizabeth said...

Have an AWESOME time! Cant wait to hear all about it!!

mama k said...

Hope you are having fun with the LIVE MUSIC! :) Just tagged you in a post :)

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