Monday, October 18, 2010

Photo Heavy: DeLuna Music Fest Weekend!

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Amazing. What an amazing weekend. I admit I am obsessed with live music, music in general and Better Than Ezra. Obsessed as in I could live, eat sleep and breathe it all 24/7 if I could.

I'm happiest and content when I'm listening to music and watching bands perform and this weekend I got to do that. My great friend Marion and I headed to Florida Friday and Saturday for concerts on the beach! I love her- she's so much fun. She thinks I am, too, so it all works out.

I should be working in the music industry. True story: I applied for several A&R internships for college with big name music companies, and even got offered an internship with one in New York City. Sadly, I just couldn't afford to move up there and NOT be paid. Sad, sad day.

As you may know, Better Than Ezra is my favorite band ever. I first saw them in 1998 at a small, local festival. They were well-known in the 90s Alternative music world for their songs "Good" and "Desperately Wanting"- you know...the song...."I remember running through the wet grass, falling a step behind..." Yeah. Anyway. They aren't THAT popular, which suits me just fine. I prefer it that way. It's not common that someone can see their favorite band 12 times, several times a year, in smaller venues where you can just enjoy their stage performance. I've met them several times, they recognize me in the crowd- it's awesome.

The lead singer, Kevin Griffin is an amazing song-writer. He's written songs for Howie Day (Collide), Tristen Perryman (Madly) and David Cook (Avalanche) just to name a few.

If you ever get the chance to see them live, just do it. Even if you don't care for their music, their fun and quirky-wittiness on stage should surely make your ass get up and dance. If it doesn't then you don't have a pulse and must be a walking corpse. Or just boring. ;-)

Ok, enough. Just a few photos from the two days:

 BTE! Kevin and Tom. Photo courtesy of

See me? LOL Look how blissful I am...and Marion with her devil horns on. Those came in handy when trying to find her in the sea of people. Photo courtesy of

 A free kazzo from a vendor. Exactly what my loud ass needed.

 Neon Trees played Saturday morning on the beach- Tyler Glenn

 Uhm. Who doesn't love photo booths. We're obsessed. I'd like to explain what we were thinking in each pose.
#1: So. What poses are we gonna do? FAIL.
#2: Fake ass smiles
#3: My Flava Flav clock is caught on the horns!!
#4: No idea.

 Saturday afternoon consisted of us going around to all the booths and getting free koozies and taking random photo booth pictures.

 OBVIOUSLY, the dude in front of us on the trolley didn't put his window up.

 Ah, yes. Bud Light.

 Bush played Friday night. Gavin, in case you were wondering, is still hot as ever.

Daughtry played Friday night, as well. Great fun, sing-along with the crowd!!!


Copyboy said...

Glad you had a blast. And kudos on your beach outfit selection. Very snazzy. Ugh, snazzy is an "old person" word. Sorry.

Meg said...

Looks like you had an awesome time! And Better Than Ezra is awesome...At The Stars is one of my favorite songs ever.

OMG that looks like a BLAST! and I love that song and kinda forgot about it. As I was reading the sentence I was singing it in my head!!! love it!

Jenny said...

Ahh Meg it excites me that you love "At The Stars"- if you haven't heard that entire album that this song is on (Named "How Does Your Garden Grow?") I would recommend it! "Live Again" is a song from thata lbum and has the same feel as "At The Stars" I think you'd love it!

Adorably Distracted- - GIRl! That makes me so happy that you know that song! I knew all it would take is a little lyrics sing-along for people to say "YEAH! I remember them"

Olivea said...

Um, I am totally jealous that you got to see Bush! I used to swoon over them in middle school, and you're right, Gavin is still totally hot!

Elizabeth said...

OH MY...this looks like a wonderful weekend get-a-way!!!! What a fun time! You are SO cute! Look at your all DOLLED UP!!!!

Genesis said...

a kazoo!!! i almost thought it was a blunt, until i read the caption. dang it.

your hair looks great btw and the pictures in the booth are so fun!

Anonymous said...

your hair looks amazing in the bud light pic. yay you!!

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