Tuesday, October 19, 2010

I'm hungry damnit!

I don't care what Bob and Gillian say- it IS hard to lose weight while training for a race! If anyone watches "Biggest Loser", do you remember the season where they jumped all over the one dude's ass for GAINING weight during the players' last WA-HOO marathon training? I couldn't believe it, because for me, the same thing has been happening. I haven't gained weight, but I sure as hell haven't really lost any since I've upped my running- My stamina has definitely improved- which was my goal anyway...I'm just always HUNGRY!! FEED ME!!!! Fuel for the fire I suppose.

10-Miler in 5 days. Yikes. Where has the time gone??! I'm scared.....

I leave for D.C. on Thursday. I'm exhausted- which is putting it lightly. After my big weekend of music I haven't caught up on my sleep yet, which worries me to no end...am I going to be rested enough to run this race well? We'll see. Also, what;'s with the random shots being fired around the city? Today was The Pentagon. I used to work there- another reason I'm glad I don't anymore.

Scares me. Please bring safe thoughts my way for this weekend, in more ways than one!!

I'm pretty much packed already and I refuse to pay Delta a total of $40 for ONE checked baggage. That could buy something from Anthropologie for crickey's sake. So, no. I WILL and DID fit everything into a carry-on suitcase. Bitches. You will NOT win, airline companies. You will not defeat me.

So, this may be the last time you hear from me until next week sometime. I'm prepared to be even more exhausted next week- and wouldn't you know I have a BUSY week at work, as well. YESSSSSS!

Hope you all have a great weekend.

P.S. I've decided to be fellow Alabamian, Antoine Dodson, for my friend's Halloween party next weekend. Don't know who that is? Look him up.........Hide ya kids.........


Alicia said...

haha The Antoine Dodson comment had my dying! I saw on tv yesterday about his bed intruder costume and had to promptly get on the computer and look it up!

Kathleen said...

Good luck in the race! You are going to do amazing!

And you are totally right about not losing weight during long distance training. You need to FUEL your body, not starve yourself. And odds are, you're gaining muscle weight not fat (assuming you're eating the right things!) Worry about dropping the last few pounds after your kick butt at the race this weekend!

Good luck!!! And you should do what I always do when I need to catch up on sleep.... come up with the 24 hour bug and sleep your day away :) movies and tv and a boss that thinks your sick is the best cure! You should take measurements and see if there is a difference. Muscle is always tricky, when I played soccer I pretty much stayed the same weight because I still ate whatever I wanted, but I would get more tone because of all the muscle.

hehe I carried on for a wedding this past weekend - can't STAND those new fees.

Best of luck girl! And I hear you - running makes me so hungry!!

Liz B said...

I'm in the same boat you are. I'm training for a marathon in January and I have actually GAINED weight. Its because Im eating like a fat kid at skinny camp! Im hungry a lot, and I dont always choose my meals wisely (Chick Fil A is my crack). I guess its about finding the right foods to eat while training. Im working on it!

I'll be running a half marathon this Sunday, so I'll send positive vibes your direction.

Also, dont worry too much about not being fully rested. While it is good for you to get rest, you will have plenty of excitement and adrineline (sp?) to keep you going on race day. You might want to stop by a running store or sporting goods place and pick up some energy blocks. They are basically fruit chews (i think they taste like candy) that give you a boost of energy! Sometimes I eat them when I get tired at work or school and cant keep my eyes open any longer!

Jenny said...

Thanks everyone!!

I agree about the muscle tone- but I can assure you I'm losing that, too. Sadly, I haven't been strength training like I usually would, and I miss it to the high heavens!!!

Sunday can't come and go quick enough. lol Just kidding. I'm sure after this I'll want to do another race...and another...

Cindi said...

Good luck with your run. All that training will be worth it!!!! I'll be rooting for you!

Good luck with the race, I bet you'll do awesome!

Elizabeth said...

Good luck! I know you will do great!! Cant wait to hear how it all turns out! Will be thinking of you! :-) Go eat some food girl!!

mama k said...

Good luck this weekend!! Hope it goes well :) I know that when I was training for a half...I just quit trying to diet because it doesn't work when you are running so much. You need so much more food!! So I pretty much ate whatever I wanted (just didn't overdo it so that I could still run)...and it helped out. Can't wait to hear how it goes!

Kelly said...

Good luck in your race!!

Anonymous said...

Haha. I can't wait to see pics of your Antoine Dodson getup. Also, I saw Christine O'Donnell's ad which was similar to Antoine Dodson's rant. Maybe Antoine has a political future? All the best on race day. I'm very proud of you!!

Lorraine said...

Good Luck! I hope all goes well. I love your delta rant and I'm totally with you.

debbie deb said...

good luck!!! i'm still trying to run 3 miles, let alone 2 :)

you can run and tell that, homeboy! i can't wait to see how many people are him for halloween :)

Good Luck!!!

Great costume idea :)

megan said...

haha love the costume idea! the guys were pretty much playing the re-mix song on repeat during our mountain weekend :)

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