Friday, October 1, 2010

OCTOBER!! + This early bird caught some worms today!


Today is the start of the absolute BEST, most fantastic, amazing month of the entire YEAR. Or so I think., no. I KNOW it is.  So much so that I want my wedding to be in October and I'd like to think I'd be able to plan my future children's birth so they land in October.....HA!!!! I know, I know....

#1: In 11 days it will be the day of my birth and everyone shall bow down to me and kiss my large size 10 feet. Yeah right. But I'm so excited! I love birthday's! Everyone birthday's! They're so much fun and so special- Plus you get tons of birthday gift codes/gifts from stores in your e-mail inbox. Muahah! So far I've received a special discount/gift code from:
Banana Republic

I doubt I'll use the Banana discount, but I've already picked up my Sephora birthday gift and used the Talbot's one this morning (more on that later). The Anthropologie discount is still quite a conundrum in my head- what to buy? There are way too many things on my wishlist. I need to be smart about I use it to buy several cheaper items- or one huge item? Help.
#2: In 17 days I'll be hearing my favorite band on earth, Better Than Ezra, play live! Last time I saw them was last August in D.C. and then again in Baltimore a few weeks after. They make me extremely giddy and happy and put on a fun, entertaining live show!
#3: Not sure if I'm very excited about this at the moment- but October 24th, I'll be running my first 10 mile race in D.C. I'm not ready. Seriously- and I'm freaking out inside.........
#4: Brady's birthday is on Halloween! My baby boy Chihuahua will be 3 years old- so young, yet time has passed so quickly. He's been with me through so many moves the past few years and has put up with my ass when I'm in the worst mood. He's the best doggy eva eva. Pictured below are Brady and Chiva, the newest addition. They are absolutely THRILLED to be dressing up for Halloween- isn't that obvious?
#5: It's Breast Cancer Awareness month. Something I try to support whenever I can. This is a disease that affects so many women- women I know, you know...everyone is affecte din some way. It's important that we ARE aware and that we do something- anything to support the cause. Wear pink this month!! :-)
I sleep with my phone by my bed. This morning at 5 o'clock, I heard it go off- I received an e-mail. No big deal, but I decided to check it. In my inbox was a lovely e-newsletter from Victoria at Candles By Victoria. I have RAVED about her candles in previous posts. They are the BEST smelling candles on the market. Forget Yankee, forget White Barn and Bath and Body Works- Seriously, forget them. She uses triple scented oils to fragrance her candles- so the throw is quite awesome- and she gives THE most fabulous customer service. I seriously don't know hoe she does it all. Did any of you buy from the Online Candle Party I had a few months ago? I can't remember. If you did, please let me know what you thought........
ANYWAY- in this month's newsletter was a 10% discount for the entire month (This is a pretty regular thing) and also a contest. You had to read the entire newsletter and find the backwards spelled word and be one of the first five people to e-mail her back with the word that was spelled backwards. If you were one of the five, you received a FREE 9oz candle of your choice! Heck yes. I was all over that....squinting in the dark with no glasses on....scrambling to find the word.....I found it! I won. I never win ANYTHING!! I know everyone says that, but come on- I read all the time how people win blog giveaways. I've been blogging for over a year and have never won a gosh darned thing. Hey, that's OK. I'm cool with it. lol. Can't wait to receive my candle! Please go visit her site. It can be a little overwhelming as she has 550+ scents! My best advice to start, is to simply buy a fragrance you would normally like from some other company.
I was a busy girl this morning- I knew my birthday discount for Talbot's would kick in- and they had sent me another doscount coupon at the beginning of September. I decided I was going to splurge and buy exactly what I had my eye on....This leather bomber jacket.
I have a dark brown leather blazer- and have been in the market for both a grey and camel colored leather jacket. I love this look and think it would look fabulous over a black dress, with brown boots for work.
Retail price: $399 (eek! No way I'd spend that much for a JACKET. Oh, but I'll buy a $200 hairdryer. lol)
Birthday Bonus of 15%: -$59.85
Best Customer Savings coupon: -$67.83

My total was around $287! That's amazing :-) Still expensive, but I had to use the coupons somewhow. I like a few pieces here and there from them, but couldn't shop there for all my needs. Still a little too older looking for me just yet.

Talbot's has gotten some flack lately for their re-marketing campaign- some say they look an awful lot like J. Crew. They do look similar- but Who cares? J. Crew has given me some shitty products recently, so I'm not too happy with the quality as of late. And J. Crew's tops suck. Their biggest size still won't go over my rib cage most times. I mean, seriously? I may be a size 12, but I'm not a damn Abominable Snowman! Anyway. like I said, who cares.

Whew. What a long post. I've been chipper and crazy this morning.

October, you're finally here! :-)


Genesis said...

jeez that was long! ;)

you have as much entusiasm for october as i do for june :)

Elizabeth said...

I LOVE THAT picture! There costumes are SO cute! I so need to get Rosie one this season! They are soooooooo cute! I am sending them kisses! Please email me your address..I would love to send you a little something in the mail for your BIRTHDAY me dear! Have an awesome weekend!! October is finally here.. xoxo!

Kimberly said...

Love your doggies in costume! going to check out those candles you recommend.

Brittany said...

First, I love the new layout and the picture you used in the header! So pretty.

Brody and Chiva look so darn cute in their costumes :)

You have so many things to look forward to in Oct.! I know you'll do awesome in your run.

awww It looks like the little one is winking!!! it's like he's saying aye aye! happy birthday to me!

Anonymous said...

This post had me in stitches. You are hilarious!! Happy Birthday month! Celebrate every day, girly--you deserve it!

Liz B said...

Happy B-Day! Im so glad you posted a blog. I am dying of boredom at work and this gave me something to do for five minutes. Now I have another 4 hrs and 15 minutes to kill.... I guess i could actually do work!!

Dont get too overwhelmed about the 10-miler. A good rule of thumb I always tell myself is that 'you can always run twice as far as you think you can.' For those of us not running for a living, races like yours are about finishing - not the time in which that takes! Just take your time. I like to go slow at the beginning so I have some left at the end!

Anonymous said...

hahaha love the pup picture!

Anonymous said...

YAY! HAppy Birthday! October is the best month, I totally agree. Enjoy your coupons :)

Ashley said...

I love October too! :-) That jacket is AMAZING! Can't wait to see you work it out!!

that's a amazing jacket !!! love October too omg that picture is so cute

Jennifer said...

I absolutely adore October as well - Halloween is my favourite day of the year (I wish it was an official holiday!). I am actually participating in my first 5 km run this weekend - the CIBC Run for the Cure (it's for Breast Cancer). I can't wait to run as far as you can (I just need to keep training!). Good luck on the 10 miles!

Lorraine said...

Love the jacket! I also love the month of October. My sons birthday is on Halloween.

Tiffany said...

Happy early birthday! Gotta love Libra's! I'm all about the size 10 shoes and $200 hair dryers....Good luck on your 10k, thinking of doing my first 5k soon.

Sounds like you have an amazing October in store for you:)

Good luck on your race too:)

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REBrown said...

I love to dress my dogs up for Halloween too!

You have got one exciting month coming up!!! I love October too. Halloween is my favorite holiday.

Anonymous said...

Hey Jenny! I saw on one of your older posts you use P90X. Would you recommend it or is it a pass? I can't get any big girl love down here in S. Florida so I'm slowly transitioning into "smaller girl" LoL...just as long as I don't go into size 6 territory. Then I won't be able to find anything in my Anthro sale room and that would be tragic. .

Happy birthday month to you Jenny! Hope it is filled with awesomeness :)
And eee! Better Than Ezra! I used to sing their songs all day in 8th grade. And um, maybe all throughout high school too! Let us know how the concert goes!

emily said...

I freaking love this entire post. First, I totally agree that october rocks and my wedding was last Octoer.... AND yes. bday discounts rock my world. Now on to the big thing... Talbots and that amazing jacket you bought. Seriously, it looks gorgeous. And I think we're about the same size, so I'd love to hear what you thought of it when it arrived?? Is the leather nice? Fit well over thy boobies? I have been coveting some of my friends recent leather bomber jackets, so I think i might need one myself.
Happy early birthday!

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