Monday, August 2, 2010

A Running Post! As T.I. would say: Whatchoo Know About It??

Another blog entry about running? Hot damn!

Today I'm going for another 5 miles. Last Monday I ran my first 5 miles in one running session and was so proud and pumped beyond belief....but the rest of the week? I was SO tired. SO blah. I did manage to get in 5.5 more miles for the week, but that's kinda shitty, no?

I really don't think I'm eating enough. I TRY. Really, I do. I find that in order to sustain my long runs (5 miles in this case) I need LOTS of carbs. Most people don't want to eat heavily before a run, but I get too weak-headed and my eyes start to cross (no bullshit. Haha) if I don't. Anyone else like this or am I just a crazo? What do you eat before a run that's longer than 3 miles (or a workout that's over an hour)? Please, tell me what works for you.

The day I ran those 5 miles easily, I had pasta shells stuffed with turkey meat and red sauce. Just FYI.

A fellow blogger shared her running tunes on her blog here. I enjoy being nosey and seeing what's on others playlist's- so here be mine (Minus a few songs. I can't remember all at the moment.)

(NOTE: Songs with astricks (sp?) NEVER move from my workout/running playlist. EVER. They are permanent fixtures that I never get sick of. All other songs get rotated as I become bored...)

* Bang, Bang- K'naan ft. Adam Levine (Oh geez oh Pete's. This song is my fave running song at the moment. it pumps me up like NO other! This is a must have in my opinion)

* Yeah- Usher (If you don't feel like moving when you hear this, you're a freak)

* Colors & Cold- Crossfade (Rock music gets me pumped, hyped and ready to run. These two songs are especially "angry" and get me all pissed, and when I'm pissed off I run harder and faster. For a brief minute anyway. Hey whatever works)

* Black Betty- Ram Jam (If you don't like running to this song...well....again, you're a freak)

* Breath- Breaking Benjamin (One of those passionate-lyric-rock songs that fuels the fire under my ass)

* Fighter- Christina Aguilera (This used to be my running anthem. The words psyche me up, but the tempo is a little slower than I'd like. But, hey it's still a keeper)

* Hey Ya- Outkast (You know you clap everytime)

* Bombs Over Baghdad- Outkast (Well, ya can't walk to this song!! Amazing)

* Stronger- Kanye (Awesome running song. The words make me feel "stronger")

* Britney Spears- (ALL and ANY of it. However, to be specific as possible: Stronger, Toxic, Baby One More Time, Break The Ice and Womanizer)

* Faint- Linkin Park (My heart feels like it may just beat right out of my chest when I run and listen this. And I mean that in the best way possible)

* Washin' & Wonderin' - Stroke 9 (Oh, love. I love this song OH so much. When I hear that first line my speed jumps up immediately..."This just in...Where to begin. Grin and bare it, it's bare and grin...")

* 25 Miles- Edwin Starr (Ever seen the movie "Adventures in Babysitting?" This song was in the movie when they're speeding to get home before the kids' parents. This song is miraculous. Try it. You'll like it.)

Survivor- Destiny's Child (Cheesy. But sometimes it's just what I need to finish strong)

Good (Live from the House of Blues)- Better Than Ezra (Ok. So, because BTE is my favorite band foreva eva and not really AWESOME for running jams, I couldn't NOT add them to the playlist. I add them to every playlist. Even Christmas. It's BTE. Hello!? ha!)

Take It Off- The Donnas (Sometimes this song annoys me and I change it. Other times I enjoy doing what the song tells me to do and I strip off my shirt)

Waking Up In Vegas- Katy Perry (Upbeat? Stick it on the playlist)

How Low- Ludacris (I just heart Luda. Period)

Whataya Want from Me- Adam Lambert (Good slower tempo song to run to. It's a fun song yet allows me time to breeeeathe.)

If I Had You- Adam Lambert (Uhm yeah!! IF I HAD YOU!! YOU Yuh, yuh yuh yuh yuh YOU!!)

My Life Would Suck Without You- Kelly Clarkson (Love running to the chorus)

All I Ever Wanted- Kelly Clarkson (Good slower paced running song)

Telephone- Lady Gaga & Beyonce (Usually I just get off my treadmill or stop in the middle of the street to the dance from the video when this song comes on. Not really productive. ha!)

Crazy in Love- Beyonce (The beat keeps me at a steady pace)

You can find this list for future reference on my Workout/Run log in the top bar.

Tell me- if you could only pick ONE song you couldn't do without during your run or workout, what would it be?


Genesis said...

i like your playlist. im gonna look up some of those artists that dont look familiar. im going to take your word for it that they're good.

great playlist!! i'm still doing the 30 day shred video, so not a lot of room to listen to music until i learn it better...maybe if i ever get brave enough to try running, i'll make your list =)

Kimberly said...

Blackeyed Peas - I got a feeling

meghan said...

i eat about a 600 calorie meal in the mornings before i do my long runs. usually overnight oats with a bunch of nuts and stuff mixed in. so i totally am with you on that one!

Kathleen said...

For a long run (8 miles or more), I eat two pieces of toast with butter and drink a glass of powerade zero about thirty minutes before I leave the house. If I'm going to be out for longer than two hours (10+ miles), I'll bring a Fiber One granola bar as a snack (in addition to some regular gatorade mixed with water to cut the sweetness).

It might be that you aren't eating enough during the day (and not necessarily right before the run). The Catch-22 of running longer distances is that you need to eat more to fuel the longer runs. When you start training for a longer distance race, losing weight is not going to happen (nor is it a good idea - your body needs the energy!) Add a snack of whole wheat bread with peanut butter or some almonds during the day. That might be what you need to get you through your run.

Basically you need to just figure out what works for you. It isn't the same for everyone and there's no right or wrong answer!

Good luck!

Anonymous said...

Ok I don't run or work out so I do not have any worthy advice or opinion on that...but I DO have this!! Oh has gone viral!!

Sahiti said...

I had one of those shaky moments today in yoga...I had to leave the room and wolf down my back up granola bar. I def need to up my daily intake to fuel my workout!

Kelly said...

Looove the Outcast songs too! Lately Eminem has been rocking my running world. I really do credit my long runs to him-- his "Not Afraid" song keeps me going (love the part where he says at the beginning, "If you’re trying to get out, just follow me I’ll get you there" hahah!) And of course "Lose Yourself" is an oldie but goodie :-)

Way to keep it up, Jenny!! You're awesome :-)

Liz B said...

I thought about posting yesterday but i wanted to wait until I went running last night to decide what is my go-to must have running song. As soon as it came on my ipod I was like, "That's It!!!"

Guns-N-Roses: Welcome to the Jungle

Does not get more motivational than that song!!

Simply Me said...

Ok so I can't run even a mile without feeling like I'm going to die lol
I used to run short distance but never long distance. My friend and I are going almost every night for a jog/walk to see if we can run even a 5k.
How did you build up your endurance?

Anonymous said...

I like to run with podcast like motion track, it's free and it's about an hour long.. very convenient! ;)

Norwego said...

"Come On" by Tiesto vs. Diplo (Jersey Shore soundtrack, don't hate).

"Bulletproof" by La Roux

"Pyramid" by Charice

"Rock that Body" by the Black Eyed Peas

Anything by David Guetta

Gulf Coast said...

Perfect post! Just listened on youtube your playlist. Perfect. thanks

Oh my gosh, Washing and Wondering is one of my favorite high energy songs :) It made me so happy to see it listed!

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