Thursday, August 19, 2010

Oh, you're just gonna LOVE this OOTD

Hiiiiiiiii Guysssssss!!

Had an important event to work today- so naturally, I mustered up some extra effort and cleaned myself up all nice like this morning. HA! That niceness lasted about 30 minutes.

Here's my gorgeous "Outfit of The Day" by 9:00 a.m.

Nope. That's not water. That, my SWEAT.

I seriously had sweat rolling down parts of my body I didn't KNOW I had. I sweated more this morning than I ever do running!! Seriously. I know you'd like to think I'm exaggerating, but I'm not. I'll debate anyone who says somewhere else is more humid than lower Alabama. Maybe near the swamps in Florida, but don't be complaining. Be glad you don't look like this. haha!

I saw reviews for this dress and judging from them- this dress seems to show sweat REALLY bad. Ya think? Honestly, it was all worth it. I had such a great time today and felt cute, sweat and all!

Here I am! I thought I'd try to smile through my grossness and the puckering on my boob. That's another thing about this dress...that pucker looks really tacky right there in the center of my boob. Hha! If ya get what I'm saying...
Dress: Mint Green Dress from Target
Cardigan: Old Navy
Flats: Nine West
Last thing for today- I forgot to show you all my new sunglasses!! I LOVE them and so happy I watch LOST and saw them on Evangeline Lily in the episode "Eggtown". *sigh* The sides are my favorite- how the silver arm swoops down on the side and not just straight across.

Here I am acting like I'm working. Not sure why I thought I had to act- the sunglasses inside part probably gave that away.......
Docle & Gabana Sunglasses

FRIDAY TOMORROW! In case you forgot.

Love, Your Sweaty Blogger Friend


spiffy said...

Ha ha! I love it! I'm a HUUUUUGE sweater myself, so I know just how you feel! I tried on that dress and I didn't buy it because of the not-so-flattering pucker in the sweet spot. I'm so flat I looked like Madonna cone bra a la like a virgin tour

Kayla said...

Those sunglasses look great. I don't have the face for big frames... it hurts my heart a little!

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Ramblings of a Small Town Girl

Ashley said...

Loving the sunglasses! Perfection.

Genesis said...

what in the world....the sweat looks pretty bad. sorry you guys have sucky weather there, but at least you were dressed to the nines :) the glasses are absolutely fabulous. they're kind of like an upside down kind of style. love it.

mama k said...

I didn't even notice the sweat at first! I just thought it was a really cute outfit!! Haha. You still look good! :)

Jenny said...

Spiffy- Ya know, I really don't sweat that badly, but today, man, was Ri-damn-diculous!

Thanks Mama K!!

Anonymous said...

Love the outfit too! :-)

megan said...

LOVE the cardigan!! I may have to get a few of those since I am always wearing them to work.

Cute outfit! :)

Veronika said...

love love love those sunnies! sorry about the dress, gosh I hate when I sweat in a silk just soaks right through!

Robin said...

hahhahaa love it.

I sweat a ton. I have to use the clinical protection deodorant, and even that isn't perfect. I'm glad you showed us those pics, though.

Rachel said...

Hey at least you looked cute. I love the dress!

Meg said...

It's been so icky and humid here too, so I feel your pain! The dress is cute on you either way, though. If it weren't for the seam issue, it would be perfect, but since I usually wear it with a cardigan to work it's not that noticeable.

Katie said...

And this is why I love your blog!!!
I just moved six hours south to the southern tip of illinois and I was sweating like crazy today...EVERYWHERE! I hate it!

Sara said...

I hear ya girl, it's so hot here in Florida that as soon as I walk outside in the morning, my face feels like it's melting off. I can literally feel my makeup sliding off my face! I have that dress in the purple and I noticed the annoying boob pucker too! Us busty gals don't need anymore emphasis in that area!

Brittany said...

This outfit is so so cute, minus the sweat ;) haha. Sorry you're dealing with all that humidity and heat!!

The sunglasses are amazing. I seriously love and want them. They look great on you!

i ADORE those sunglasses...gorgeous!! and the mint green/peach combo is perfect. as a neighbor to the east in georgia...i can vouch the humidity is KILLER.

Erin said...

love the glasses . . we are humid here too and it sucks!

Anonymous said...

I have that same dress too and I really like it!
You look fab :)
And just like Kandee, I swear!!!!

Lorraine said...

That outfit is freakin cute! Love the sunglasses too.

Sportsgirl said...

Love the outfit.

When I was a kid, we had to wear a school uniform for our school and I had one of those damn "puckers" right where my chest was so everyone teased me and called them my nipples. HOW EMBARRASSING especially when I was only 12!! Hated that damn uniform.

You look really pretty - sweat and all :) I like the color combo you're wearing. And those sunglasses are nice.

Kelly said...

I have that dress as well! As soon as I saw the mint green color (one of my faves) I knew that I had to have it, it's so sweet :-) I've had a few close sweat calls on it too-- I've worn it to two house parties in the last few weeks on two of the HOTTEST nights-- when after sitting down, I have to have Greg follow me in case I've sweatted through it when sitting down-- Eeesh! I still love it though ;-) You look great!

Kelly said...

Not only do I love it, I'm wearing the same thing ;) Great taste!!

Anonymous said...

Love that cardigan!

Erin said...

I just adore this color combo and outfit! You look great, even with the 1000% humidity! And I am totally loving that you have the 'Kate's' LOST sunglasses!! I remember seeing them in the episode and really liking them too! They look great on you :)

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