Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Anthropologie Sale Scores & LOFT dress return

A great BIG thank you to everyone who commented on my running shoe shopping disaster post. I'll let you all know what I buy when that time comes!

For now....let's talk Anthropologie Sale Day! I called my closest (3 HOURS away) Anthropologie store last week to buy the Camilla Dress and have it shipped to me- my size sold out online last week, and I KNEW it had to be hitting sale soon. Good thing I did! It was one of the sale items today- so this means I get a price adjustment for the sale price. I absolutely love Anthro's return/price adjustment policy!
I also scooped up the Rise-and-Fall Cardigan in the blue, which also hit sale today:

That's it. There are several sale items on my wishlist at the moment, but I'm trying to refrain until next Tuesday to see what goes on sale.

So, I had a follower ask me to post photos of the pink polka dotted LOFT dress I bought and hated so I'm returning- She'd like to see the fit, so here it is. It's UG-LEE on me. I hope you have better luck with it because the ruffles and pink polka dots are darling. I wish the waist cut had been different on me. :-( Not flattering at ALL in my opinion.

It was too blousy up top, which made my entire figure look dumpy. Goes to show you that baggy is NOT cute. I guess I could have sized down, but then it woulda been too tight around the hips. GOOD riddance, dress.

Taking today off from running- I am exhausted! I barely slept last night for a few reasons. Can't wait until Friday so I can catch up on my beauty sleep. ZZZzzzzzzz......


Katie ♥ said...

GIRL ! I love you and your always finding the deals!! I am in LOVE wth that cardigan!! I want want want it!!!!!!

Hope your week is beautiful just like U!

Love u!!! xoxo

omg i almost bought that loft dress also. I LOVE that color pink, anything with ruffles, and polka dots so I thought for sure this was a win win. Until I put it on! UGGGGG! So, no worries girlie, I think it is a very unflattering cut all together. It's not you, (or me) LOL!

Katie said...

This reminds me, how do you like the way the Height of Summer dress from Anthro fits? I'm considering getting it and want to make sure you like! I am sadly also super far away from the nearest Anthro:(

Blossom said...

The LOFT dress just looks cheap. The other two items are so cute. I wish we had the same online ordering for so many stores in Canada....we dont' and it sucks!

Genesis said...

ew, the loft dress is a no-go. i really hate when stuff online looks like an order from hell when it comes in.

Jenny said...

Katie- I HEART YOU!!!!!!

Our Happy Married Life- GOOD! Glad it's not just ME! I wanted to like it, oh so much.

Katie - The Height of Summer dress is cute! It's shorter on me than I expected (But remember, I'm 5'10).

It runs big- so I would size down one size. The top was even still a bit too loose on me and when I wear it, I'd probably put the straps on!

Blossom- Yeah- now that you say that...it does look cheap.

Katie said...

Thanks for the quick reply! I'm going to order it now:)

Alicia said...

I ordered the Rise and Fall Cardigan in Blue this morning! It has been on my wishlist forever! I was so excited to see it on sale, I just hope I ordered the right size...

Veronika said...

i am loving that stripped sweater!

I'm not sure who that dress was cut for. And I agree that the material from this photo does not look like a good quality.

Jamie said...

What great sale finds. I almost think that these two items would work really well together! And the Anthro price adjustment policy is ingenious -- such a great way to keep your customers happy and coming back for more!

Dayany said...

Thank you very much for answering my request! I just received the dress in the mail and I´m going to try it on. Thanks again :)

Elle said...

The LOFT dress is not cut right...you have a great figure and it makes you look shapeless.

Thanks for the great finds!

Elz said...

Love the Cardi and the Camilla dress. I almost bought both, but got some other things instead. I agree with you on the Loft dress, you are cute and that does you zero favors. My motto-If you don't love it and it doesn't make you look/feel great, get it out of the closet!

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