Tuesday, July 20, 2010


I was just updating my little workout log thingy and decided it was absolutely necessary for me to post a photo of these hideous......parachute THINGS, is the best words I can use to describe them.....

Uhm. Really Anthro...No. No, really. What were you thinking offering these up? Hey, I bet you'll be able to snatch these up for years to come. NEVER gonna be sold out. (ha! Watch me be oh so wrong. And I'm sorry if you think these are cute. VERY sorry. haha)


Robin said...

lol I saw these yesterday and thought the same thing!! CRAZY!

Big Pissy said...

LOL! Devon and I were at the Anthro today at Lenox. She bought 3 tops from the sale rack. SO much CUTE stuff!!!

p.s. I bought a drawer pull for my new nightstand. ;-)

Oh. No. There are just no words.

Blossom said...

Ahahaha....are you MC Hammer? Seriously, most 80's trends should just stay there!!

Erin said...

So glad to hear someone feels the same way I do about these pants!

Sara said...

I saw these and laughed! I love Anthro but what are they thinking!!

Simply Me said...

Wow! They would have to pay me to wear those pants.

Anonymous said...

These remind me of a pair of pants I had when I was about ten. They zipped off into shorts. Not cool then, not cool now. lol

PS I love that you're doing a workout and fitness log! I'll be back for inspiration! xx

Jamie said...

I must have missed these while at Anthro today. I think I need to see these to believe they exist!

hahah I just pictured my kindergarten teacher in those pants... lol

Brittany said...

Really? These are the most hideous things I have ever seen. I though we were in the year 2010, not 1985. Give me break! Barf.

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