Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Caffeined up: Anthropologie Sale's fault

Happy Tuesday.

What a night. Anthropologie sales kill my sleep patterns. Even if I didn't give a hoot about any items going on sale Tuesday mornings, I'd still toss and turn out of curiosity. Am I weird? I woke up at 3:45 on my own and stumbled to my computer to see the new sale items. Nothing on my wishlist (except three pairs of sandals) was cut-back, so back to bed I went.
(Does this last pair not remind you of the shoes you used to wear in the 90s? I still love them. Chunky heels and all!)
I almost bought a pair of the sandals I wanted, but stopped myself because I knew that in the next few weeks a few of the summer dresses I've been dying for will go on sale to make room for fall stock! (Oh and P.S. Early fall stock sucks for us ladies in the deep South. Seriously. Summer doesn't end until January!! Not lying. I'm wearing summer clothes well into Christmas-time. You know how many "heavy" coats I own? ONE.)

Did any of you other Anthro Lovers buy anything from the sale?

A few people asked about the recipes from my last post and I happily constructed a recipes page (Eat This!) up there ^, in the menu bar. I'll be adding more and more- so if you're into cooking and junk, stick around.

Last night P90X Stretch was scheduled on the calendar- I always forget that even the stretching DVD is nothing to laugh at. It has it's tough moments- I'm pretty sure it's just the P90X Yoga in disguise...My hamstrings are STILL tight (I never did get a massage last weekend) and today's a run day...What do you do for your tight muscles- Specifically those pesky hamstrings??

I have so much to say, but I'm saving it for the next few days.....
* For the fasion followers of my blog, how do you feel about a weekly fashion post from followers? You know how Kim at Anthroholic has her weekly reader fashions? I don't know about you, but I LOVE that post every week! I love to see what other outfits people put together. If any of you would be intersted in seeing this and/or participating let me know. Even if it's just three submissions a week, it could be a fun feature for the rest of my followers!


Genesis said...

try foam rolling for your tight muscles, or use a tiger tail.

Jamie said...

Anthro sales also disrupt my sleep pattern. I decided to stay up and go to bed after the sale postings...which sounds like a good idea, except that the sale didn't go up exactly at 3:00 as scheduled, and I planned to get up at 5:30 to go for a walk/run before work. I still did that, and am feeling pretty good at work!

I think a reader outfit feature would be great! I've been thinking about adding one to my own blog, but I need to wait until it's up and running a little more. I think you have a different enough "premises" than Kim that you own't be competing for submissions.

Feel free to check out my blog. Still somewhat new, but I'm having so much fun with it!

have you ever tried the stick? It works wonders on my hammies and I could not live/run without it!

I've started P90X too...yuck! Everyone I know that did it had great results though!

And I would definitely play along to contributing outfits :)

Ooh, all of those sandals are so cute! I think a weekly fashion post is a great idea - I always like seeing those on people's blogs.

hehe I think you're hilarious! Those sandals are cute but alas I must refrain - I ordered 4 pair online last week - EEK!!

I would love a fashion post - duh!

spiffy said...

for the tight hammys go for a light easy run, it will break up the lactic acid and then drink a bunch of water. I was a dirty pig when it came to shoes this morning, I think i ordered 5 pairs..I ordered double sizes bc I didn't know what I would take so I know some will be going back, but I still feel guilty. I shouldn't be buying shoes.

Liz B said...

Yes!!! Do a weekly fashion post with reader submissions! I love seeing what everyone wears and how they put different things together.

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