Thursday, February 4, 2010

Who do YOU look like?

One of my fellow bloggers posted about the fun game that’s been going around Facebook- you know, the one where you change your profile picture to look like a celebrity you’ve been told you look like.

I’ve decided, since I have nothing worthwhile to talk about today, that’d I’d bleed that game over into the blogging world, too! Plus, I think it’s fun!

First up: Sara Ramirez, Best known as Callie from Grey’s Anatomy.

I seriously cannot tell you how many people tell me I look like her- especially when my hair is curly. I take it as a compliment. The woman is curvy and gorgeous! Look at those cheekbones, HELLO!! It’s gotten to be such a common thing that I can usually tell when someone’s going to walk over to me and tell me that. I finish their sentence for them usually.

Second: Lindsay Lohan. Ok. Obviously, I don’t have red hair, but when Lindz had dark hair and her blue-green eyes really stood out, I can kinda see where they were getting the idea. I think our face and eye shapes are similar and our nose in a way...... In the SECOND photo, people have told me I look most like her. Haha. Weird. She's a skanky mame, but I think she looks INCREDIBLY gorgeous in this photo.

Third: I got Valerie Bertinellie the other day. She’s VERY cute, so I was pleased to hear that. Also her current body is ROCKIN'!!!

What do y'all think? Seeing any resemblance?

Who do people tell you that YOU look like? if you do a post about it, let me know!!!


Olivea said...

You do look like Sara Ramirez! I just noticed it!

When I was thinner, people told me all the time that I looked like Sandra Bullock. I never saw it though.

Beth said...

i didn't know who sara ramirez was, prob b/c i don't watch grey's, but u TOTALLY look like her. i didn't participate in the fb doppleganger cuz i don't know of ne1 famous i look like....sniffle

Stacy said...

I think you're prettier than all three! But I can kinda see each one. People tell me that I look and act like Stacy London from TLC's What Not To Wear. I guess I can see it. Plus, we share the same name and the same religion. Maybe she's my sister from another mister.


prettyface said...

Olivea- I think I see a Sandra smile on you for sure. I can see where people get it. :-)

BETHY POO! I'm so glad you're a follower now!!

Stacy- Thanks! That's VERY sweet of you to say. VERY. You Do remind me of Stacy London, and if you act like her, I wanna be your friend because she is AWESOME!

Alissa said...

Oh that sounds fun I actually haven't seen this go around. You do look like a combo of these 2.

In the second picture under Lindsay, I think you look like Khloe Kardashian!! Probably because I just got through watching Keeping Up With The Kardashians but you do look like her!!

I have absolutely no clue who I look like!!

prettyface said...

Sweetly Southern: Funny you say that because I've been told I look like Khloe too!! Especially because I'm tall and kinda built like her :-)

Anonymous said...

i can totally see sara ramirez and a little bit of valerie too....not so muck lindsay lohan though. I like this, I think i might have to do a post like it! :)

You know I can kinda see the similarities in all 3!

And pretty much everyone tells me I look my sisters...haven't got anyone famous lately! But I'll take it, my sisters are gorgeous! ;)

Blossom said...

That's funny, I also have been told I look like Sara Ramirez; she's my "doppleganger" photo on FB right now!

Elizabeth said...

You do look like Sara Ramirez!!!! Like really!!! You are so so so pretty my dear! :-) I would have no idea who I look like...

Gosh, you are so much prettier than all of them!

prettyface said...

Elizabeth- you remind me of SOMEONE, but I can't pinpoint who! I'll think of it.

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