Thursday, January 7, 2010

My Weight Timeline

I created this blog originally for inspiration and motivation to attain my fitness goals- I love working out and love to hear about what others eat and do for their workouts.

All my life I've heard that infamous line..."You have SUCH a pretty face.".....Well, what about the rest of me? Yes, it can give a girl a complex at times.  Us damn over thinkers...

Here's a timeline of my up and down weight through the years...

My Lightest - 160 lbs in 2004- and I STILL thought I was fat here. That was because my stomach was still pudgy, but could you imagine me losing fat everywhere else while trying to burn that extra stomach flab, too? Eek. Good golly. I'd give my left arm to look like that now! I also used to model around this time and thought I was big. Can you say stupid?? Look at my waist in that blue sweater? I think it looks tiny!! (Please look over the weird collar on the sweater- makes me neckless. BAH!)

My Heaviest - 200 lbs in 2007: I was in college and had a semester where all I did was drink beer when I went out. Beer and fitness do not mix. Had a great time though! lol

180 lbs in 2005 (HAPPY HALLOWEEN!): My happy medium. I think I look curvy and sexy here. baha May just be the Alice costume.

198 lbs in mid-2009 (Notice I'm about what I weighed at my "heaviest" up there ^. It's amazing what weights can do for your overall body composition. Nuff said.)


brittany said...

To me, you look far from 200 lbs! How tall are you? BTW, your modeling photo is gorgeous!

Feel better soon new blog friend!

Veronika said...

I must say you carry your weight very well. Even in your 160lb picture, you look like you'd weigh less. Good luck with your fitness goals! You can do it :)

Leigh said...

Okay girl!!! You DO NOT look like you weigh 198 lbs! That is the honest truth too!! You are beautiful!!

You are a gorgeous girl!!! Your close up photo is stunning! I love your eyes make-up (do you know what colors they are?)

I think you are beautiful at your current weight!

I didn't even notice weight - you are stunning! I would LOVE to see outfit posts from you, I never do them because I know my clothes are boring.

GreenGal said...

You're absolutely gorg! I don't think you look like the weights posted on your pictures... I also have a "deceptive" body. When I first started college I ran several miles a day and barely ate. I was a very trim size 6/8 and weighed 150 lbs. Now I weigh around 210 lbs and wear a size 12/14. However, I just recently became a vegan (check out my blog re-vamp!) and have lost several lbs since Christmas... and my size 14 pants feel loose!

Good luck on "body-happiness"... but I think you should be happy now because you look great!

Blair said...

You look amazing at any weight!! Are you sure you are 200 pounds and 180 in those pictures? You don't look anywhere close! How tall are you? Your current picture is beautiful, you look great, you have a very nice shape!
That modeling picture of you is stunning...flawless! Thanks for sharing these pictures with us!

Elizabeth said...

Ok, let me first start off by saying you do not look like you weight 190 some pounds! Not at all! You look so great!! You are one honest girl I must say!!!! :-) You look GREAT!

prettyface said...

Thanks to all of you sweet, SWEET ladies- This makes me feel awesome, I just want you to know.

Don't get me wrong- telling my weight to people scares me, but at the same time- I know that it's a great thing to be able to motivate others who are struggling or irritated at the whole "weight loss" issue.

Blair- I SWEAR that's me at 198 lbs. And I SWEAR I have no idea how I pull that off. I think for one, I hide it very well- I am a big fan of baby-doll and empire waist tops because they hide my trouble area (love handles, tummy). For two, I have a great amount of muscle mass- I've always had shapely legs, and gain muscle quite easy- that's a great thing I suppose!

Also, I'm 5 feet 10 inches tall. So, yeah- I'm pretty vertical! Lol

Elizabeth said...

All, I got to say is that you do look great!!! After looking at your blog over and gover again, you and I really love our Chihuahua's!!!!! :-)

Anonymous said...

to be perfectly look good in ALL of those pictures. at any weight, you look absolutely great!! you are so beautiful!!! i'm jealous :)

oh I can't WAIT for this new feature!! Woo! You are beautiful - 200, 160 - whateva - you're stunning!!

Feel better soon! I'm feeling crap and demotivated, too! boo!

Morgan said...

YOu are so friggin cute no matter what your weight but good job!!!

Anonymous said...

Wow you are a model! I love that blue sweater. Isn't it funny how we never feel thin until we look at pictures and then it's like what the heck was I thinking?

Anonymous said...

You look amazing in all of your pictures!!!

Kelly said...

I am in the battle too. When I hit 200, I decided to do something. I started Weight Watchers in March and I am down 18.4 pounds. I feel much healthier and just more confident. Good for you!

Ashley said...

I've been reading your posts (unofficially) for a little while and just romed over to this page of your blog. You are gorgeous honey! I love all of your fitness goals & wish you so much luck! :-)

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