Thursday, January 21, 2010

Brady's Glamor shot of the week, fashion and scare tactics

I'm well aware my background doesn't match my header anymore- BUTT I just love (and collect) owls too MUCH, so I just HAD to :-)

I wanted to share with you all a very special glamor shot of Brady from about a year ago- It's still one of my favorites of him. Just look at that face, that expression, that stance! *sigh* He's a pro model.

And you know I can't really post without showing you darling fashion items I'm eyeballing. So without further ado:

Romantique Top-
I just find it to be VERY classy and work appropriate. Paired with a pencil skirt and pumps. Heck yes.

Lorraine Dress-
I haven't shopped from Delia's since I was in 8th GRADE! I'm wondering if they run small- probably because it's Juniors, so I'll upsize on this cute, comfy dress and hope it's long enough! Love the blue color, and can see a belt and cardigan and cute jewelry making this simple and cute.
Bias Ruffles Racerback- Anthropologie
Love the color, love the ruffles. Hope it doesn't make my bust look bigger. This is perfect for layering! Again with the blue color....

Michael Kors Webster Clutch
This color is to die for!!

WORKOUT: Yesterday (Wednesday) I went to the gym and got in 45 minutes of cardio and decided to do a few leg machines. I hadn't done the BUTT BLASTER in forever and a day, so naturally, I sauntered over.....Damn. It was worse than my cardio for that day! I was sweating and hurting. In a great way. I love that butt machine. USE IT! It's a great sweat machine.

Eats: My stomach has been weird the past few days. I feel nauseous and don't have an appetite for anything, except a carbonated drink to settle my stomach. It's strange- since when am I NOT hungry? This morning, instead of my usual egg whites and oatmeal I had Greek Yogurt. Yup- just a little cup of Greek Yogurt. I made my lunches for the rest of the week and my protein was fish....I threw it out. I almost threw up when I looked at it. All I can stand to stomach is chicken breast or tuna...What's up with that? Anyone have any good, main sources of protein for my meals? I have a feeling fish will be OFF the menu for awhile. And P.S. I don't like tofu.

It's rainy and nasty here today- and the thunder last night sounded like a helicopter was landing on my house. Did Brady bark? BUT, he'll trot downstairs on random nights and bark at nothing and scare the crap out of me. Freak. Living alone, I love it- but having a house all to myself, instead of a one-bedroom apartment is different for me. The other night I was in bed early, in a great sleep- and all of the sudden I hear two big thuds like someone was POUNDING on the front door trying to get in.

I scurried out of my bed and was breathing so heavy I thought I might pass out- called my Mom and said stuff along the lines of, 'Mom..*gasp*gasp*gasp*, I'm really scared! OMG!"- all the while I'm being "brave" and going downstairs and searching through every bathroom, pantry and closet. I made her drive 30 minutes to come to my house and take me and Brady to my parents house (BAHAH. You can laugh. I won't hate you.) Wanna know what that thud was? Right before she got here- something told me to look in my shower. As I peered behind the curtain, I saw the culprit: My entire shower caddy that hangs on the shower head had fallen, right along with my big ass bottles of shampoo and body wash. *sigh*

Needless to say, that thing is now taped up in places, so there's no chance of it ever falling again. Trashy, yes.

So anyway- nasty and rainy today. I may skip the gym and hang out inside with my P90X videos. Maybe some Legs and back? Or how about Plyometrics. We'll see.... :-)


Brittany said...

Brady is just way too handsome! :) He's great at taking pictures.

Lovee the top from Anthropologie! It's very classy :) And the Michael Kors clutch!

It's ok that you got scared the other night lol that exact thing happens all the time in my shower, and it NEVER happens during the day. Only at night so it can scare me to death.

P.S - love the new look of your blog!

Elizabeth said...

Brady is just so cute! Rosie stands like that and looks SO CUTE! They are perfect for each other.

I love the Bias Ruffles Racerback Dress from Anthropologie. Super cute, and even love the color!

I would be so scared if I heard something like that. I live alone in my home, and I dont know what I would handled it well... I have an alarm so I feel a bit more safe! :)

Blossom said...

Love your pup! You always find such cute clothes, I wish there were such selection in Canada (I could order from the U.S., but with exchange and shipping it's often not worth it). I hear ya about getting freaked out sometimes when alone!

hahhhahah that is hilarious!!! it would have scared the hell out me too! and I probably would have done the same thing!!!

Natalie said...

aw brady is the cutest! also the color of that modcloth top would look great with your skin tone- you should def. go for it

Jams said...

Brady is adorable! And don't worry, you're not alone at being freaked out by loud, mysterious noises. I've done it before too! Stupid shampoo! And I think I need you to be my personal shopper, you have a great style! :)

love the delia's dress too!! i also haven't shopped there since about 8th grade!! too funny :)

i'm a scrady cat too!! when my husband is gone at night i do NOT like to be alone at don't worry, you're not the only one!!

alanna said...

loooove the anthro top, but that delia's dress is SO fun...primarily because of the accessorizing options!!!!

It's nasty and rainy here, too - blah! Cute clothes girl - I haven't shopped Delia's in forevs either! Love the Brady shot - what a cutie! and the owl background totally works for me - CUTE!

prettyface said...

Britt: Def. thought of you when I found this background :-)

Natalie: Thanks! I love your style so I know if you say that top would look good on me, it will!

Good to know the rest of you get scared, too. It sucks doesn't it? Dang...

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