Saturday, December 12, 2009

Product Rave: Candles By Victoria

Listen to me very closely-- if you love Yankee candles or ANY other candles that smell fabulous, you NEED to try a small-town Texas shop called Candles By Victoria. I came across these candles by way of YouTube (yes, I have a YouTube obsession. I've accepted this.) and just had to try them. Since then, I've purchased several candles and little tarts- and have loved most all of them. I'm SUCH a candle snob, and won't buy any candle unless it's from Yankee or another reputable brand (sorry Wal-Mart and Glade), and these are by far the best and strongest smelling scents.

Victoria is the business owner and maker of these delicious candles- and she is as sweet as can be! So helpful! I had a broken candle in one of my orders and she immediately shipped me a replacement, no charge. Great customer service and a great price for such strong smelling scents.

The candle in the photo is one of my favorites called "Bella Swan", after the Twilight character. It's amazing- and since you can't smell it, it can be described (by Victoria on her website)

She describes each and every scent she makes on her website, here. She makes any scent you can think of: Lush dupes, fruity, perfume inspired, baked goods, tropical and her own concoctions, and each scnet is SPOT on to the real thing. The scent throw is awesome- you can smell it from rooms away!

Her candles come in several sizes and you can even purchase these small tarts (called Scent Shots) for $2 bucks each- that way you can try the scent out without having to buy the entire candle first.I would definitely recommend going this route if you're a newbie to the company!

Check out Victoria on YouTube!


I'm a candle snob as well - I used to sell Yankee as I was a manager of the candle department at a craft store. I will definitely check out her candles!

Disguise said...

I love candles. I used to make them at home, and sell them when I was younger. Now, I just don't have the time :(
But I shall definitely check her candles out.

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